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Accident in Simferopol: minor pedestrian hit by Skoda

Accident in Simferopol: minor pedestrian hit by Skoda

CrimeaPRESS reports:

State Traffic Safety Inspectorate officers are conducting an investigation into a collision with a minor pedestrian in Simferopol.

On July 1, at 20:39, the driver, born in 1996, driving a Skoda Octavia, moving along Karamanova Street from Baturina Street in the direction of Sevastopolskaya Street, hit a minor pedestrian, born in 2014, who was crossing the roadway in an unauthorized place from right to left in the direction of the vehicle. As a result of the traffic accident, the pedestrian received bodily injuries and was hospitalized in a medical facility.— the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate reported.

The State Traffic Inspectorate of the city of Simferopol worked at the scene of the accident. The circumstances of the accident are currently being established and an investigation is underway.

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