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Advice for drivers in Simferopol: special attention to the “No Parking” sign

Advice for drivers in Simferopol: special attention to the “No Parking” sign

CrimeaPRESS reports:

From May 30, parking rule violators will be looked for… by a foot patrol with a camera.

In Simferopol, starting May 30, control over the use of parking spaces will be tightened. About this on the radio «Sputnik in Crimea» said the head of the center for automatic recording of administrative offenses in the field of traffic of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Crimea, Dmitry Leontyev.

According to him, stationary systems do not record parking and stopping violations—parking signs help do this. Such devices are installed in traffic police patrol cars for automatic video recording.

In the coming days, on the eve of the summer season, control in the capital of Crimea will be tightened thanks to the introduction of foot patrols with portable cameras to photograph violations.

In Simferopol, starting from Thursday, the ParkNe tablet will be used. That is, the person, the operator, will walkLeontyev said.

Apparently, the first routes of foot patrols will be laid near the Simferopol railway station.

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