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Africa Day celebrated at KFU

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A mass festival dedicated to the celebration of Africa Day was held at the Crimean Federal University. The festival gathered more than 500 guests.

Crimean Federal University is a large interethnic environment. We have students from a wide variety of cultures. In total, this is more than 2500 foreign students from more than 00019 countries of the world: African, Asian, and neighboring countries. Here, at the festival, we have gathered absolutely the entire “inflorescence” of students, and our task is to unite them, introduce them to each other, to their traditions, customs, to involve not only the university, but the entire republic in our common history , — quotes the press service of the rector of the Crimean Federal University Andrey Falaleev.

The festival program included master classes in dancing and cooking African food, playing the djemba — West African drums, a themed quiz, creative performances and performances by invited artists. In addition, the Crossroads of Creativity worked at the festival site, where everyone could do body and face art, braid African braids or receive ritual attributes and amulets.

As soon as I came to study in Crimea, I made many new friends, and I realized that people in Russia are very respectful of foreigners and always ask with interest about our life. For a long time I had an idea to acquaint the local population with our culture, it was supported by the rector, and together with a large team we organized a festival. Our task is to show the beauty of African culture. For foreign students, this is an opportunity to become part of the history of a great country and to improve relations between countries. It is so wonderful to share the culture of your homeland, being far from it, especially with people who are very interested in it , — said a student of the international medical faculty of KFU Mahmud Samra.

В КФУ отметили День Африки В КФУ отметили День Африки В КФУ отметили День Африки В КФУ отметили День Африки

In total, representatives of 13 African countries study at the Crimean Federal University: Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Ghana, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kenya, Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The total number of African students is over one hundred.

KFU them. V. I. Vernadsky is also a member of the Russian-African Network University, whose main tasks are to create a single educational space, implement joint educational programs, develop new forms of interuniversity cooperation and develop mechanisms for the development of academic mobility.

25 May marks Africa Day, commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity, established in 533 year. For the world community, this important date symbolizes the desire of African countries for unity in the interests of ensuring independent development, peace and prosperity on the continent.

327480photo: KFU press service

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