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Aivazovsky Art Gallery will open in March: what interesting things will visitors see

Aivazovsky Art Gallery will open in March: what interesting things will visitors see

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A completely new exhibition has been created for admirers of the marine painter’s talent.

Art gallery named after I.K. Aivazovsky in Feodosia, after reconstruction, will open in March — on the 10th anniversary of the Crimean Spring. The restoration took three years. According to Tourist portal of Crimeavisitors will be treated not only to an updated exhibition and weekend excursions, but also to gastronomic pleasure — guests will be offered to try dishes based on original recipes from the family of the great marine painter.

As reported Travel Crimea travel portal director galleries Tatyana Gaiduk, for the long-awaited opening, a completely new exhibition has been developed for visitors; the main exhibition hall, which has been closed since 2007, will be added to its area.

In addition, the institution will now conduct weekend excursions “The History of an Ancient House”, “Family Album” and a mini-excursion “Theodosius of Aivazovsky”.

Soon after the opening of the gallery, events with gastronomic surprises will become another tourist magnet. Listeners will be told about the artist’s participation in many events in city life, the information part will be accompanied by a video, after which visitors will be offered dishes from a unique menu, recipes from which are stored in the institution’s funds. We are talking about dishes from a gala dinner in honor of the consecration of the commercial port of Feodosia, built in 1892-1894.

We will start with this gala dinner for the consecration of the commercial port, since Aivazovsky took an active part in ensuring that this port was reconstructed and appeared in our city. And, since we have preserved the menu, we can reproduce it and, after a short story, treat our visitors to those dishes– noted Tatyana Gaiduk.

According to her, the menu for the gala dinner in Feodosia consisted of 7-8 dishes, among them baked fish with vegetables and several types of sauces, hazel grouse, partridge soup, pies, etc.

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The gallery’s partner, one of the famous restaurants in the resort town, will be responsible for the gastronomic part of the event. He also organizes the sale of tickets for gastro excursions.

In the future, it is planned to treat guests to other dishes of Armenian and European cuisine, the recipes of which were loved by representatives of the Aivazovsky family and are also kept in the funds of the institution.

These are recipes from the 19th and 20th centuries, in Russian, French and English. This folder, I think, will be invaluable for gastrotourism, since all the recipes that were prepared in the house of Aivazovsky and representatives of his family in other cities and countries are described there in some detail.concluded Tatyana Gaiduk.

The exact opening date of the gallery will be announced later.

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