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Aksenov called for the revival of SMERSH

CrimeaPRESS reports:

To the enemies of the people — radical decisions.

To fight the fifth column and traitors in Russia, it is necessary to revive a counterintelligence organization like “Death to Spies” (“Smersh”), and for refusing to stand up during the performance of the Russian anthem, one must be severely punished, said the Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

I am for the revival of SMERSH. In relation to the fifth column — for sure. Today is such a time. I’m not even talking about military operations, but about peaceful life. We have many such fifth columns: it is not clear who they work for and what they do. Sometimes I notice that during events there are those who defiantly do not stand under the Russian anthem. Such characters must be identified and the materials transferred to the FSB.

You can not respect the authorities, disagree with something, but to show disrespect for your country is direct hostility. Why should such people receive social support measures from the state? This is where drastic decisions need to be made.declared Sergei Aksenov.

SMERSH is the general name of the counterintelligence structures of the People’s Commissariats of Defense, Internal Affairs and the Navy that operated in the USSR during the Great Patriotic War. Their main purpose is the fight against traitors and German intelligence officers. The abbreviation «SMERSH» means the capacious and precise name of this special service — «Death to spies.» To this day, much of her work is classified as «Top Secret». But we can say for sure that the Smershevites effectively carried out cleansing of the front line from enemy agents, identified anti-Soviet elements and individuals who collaborated with the invaders.

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