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An agro-industrial park is planned to be located on the basis of the Dzhankoy industrial park

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The territory of the republic’s first state industrial park «Dzhankoy» can be expanded and an agro-industrial park will be created on its premises with the placement of facilities for processing agricultural products. Its area can be 16 ha. This was announced on the air of the Lines program on Radio Krym by Daniil Pidaev, Director General of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea (KRRK).

It is planned to expand the existing territory of the state industrial park «Dzhankoy» to accommodate an agro-industrial park on it. In general, this will be a powerful impetus for the northern part of the peninsula , — said Daniil Pidayev.

He recalled that the industrial park provides for the placement of not one industrial production, but an entire production complex, which can be accumulated in one territory due to the existing engineering infrastructure. In addition, these productions will be able to complement each other if necessary.

These will be productions that will be built around the anchor, the main resident of the park. I think that in the near future it will be determined , — said Daniil Pidayev.

The Director General of the KRRK noted that Dzhankoy should become in the near future a growth point for the revival and development of the industrial potential of the Republic. The territory of the Dzhankoy machine-building plant for the creation of the first state industrial park was not chosen by chance. This enterprise with more than a century of history has an extensive network of buildings, structures, areas where production of any complexity can be located. The enterprise produced products of agricultural engineering. Not working since the middle 2000-s. The total area is about 26 ha. The territory is located in an industrial area, with existing access roads, including railway.

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