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An annual bank of vacancies in the tourism industry of Crimea for the 2024 season has been prepared

An annual bank of vacancies in the tourism industry of Crimea for the 2024 season has been prepared

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For those looking for summer work — vacancies for 2,293 jobs from 70 Crimean firms and enterprises.

The Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea has prepared an annual bank of vacancies in the tourism and health resort industry of Crimea. The list of vacancies includes 2,293 jobs from 70 enterprises and institutions of the Republic of Crimea, of which 1,733 vacancies provide for the provision of housing, 862 vacancies provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

According to the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko, the number of proposals provides a wide choice for the use of professional skills both for the Crimeans themselves and for residents of new regions and other regions of Russia.

The need for qualified personnel and line personnel is an important issue for all resort regions, and it is especially relevant during the high holiday season. That’s why we’re bringing together industry offerings to help businesses with their recruitment efforts. We advise you to pay attention to vacancies and young people — during the summer holidays in Crimea you can not only relax, but also acquire professional skills“, the minister noted.

In the 2024 season, sanatorium-resort and hotel organizations in Crimea from the Black Sea to the Leninsky districts provided their options for personnel requests. Vacancies are open both in large resort complexes of Crimea and in small hotels of the South Coast, eastern, western and central Crimea, in children’s health camps of “Sunny Tavrika”, in Artek, in sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Both directors of enterprises and line personnel are in demand in resort regions. Sanatoriums need chief doctors, nurses, and orderlies. Hotels, children’s camps and resort complexes — in maids, chefs and waiters, animators and counselors, landscapers and drivers, beach workers and rescue sailors, plumbers, carpenters…

Creative professions are also needed — screenwriters, artists, videographers, photographers, master class instructors, choreographers, costume designers, wine guides, DJs and even children’s stylists.

The vacancy bank, which is constantly updated, can be found on the website Ministry of Resorts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For the convenience of job seekers, the vacancy bank contains all the necessary information: name of the institution providing the vacancy, position, salary, address of the enterprise, possibility of providing housing, requirements for the candidate, number of jobs, contact person and telephone number.

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