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Applications for the front-end Olympiad from HTML Academy, Yandex and ITMO are now open. Sevastopol residents are invited

Applications for the front-end Olympiad from HTML Academy, Yandex and ITMO are now open. Sevastopol residents are invited

CrimeaPRESS reports:

HTML Academy, Yandex and ITMO announced the acceptance of applications for the first All-Russian Frontend Olympiad, which will be held 18th of Febuary online. Students of universities and colleges are invited to participate, including masters, graduate students and graduates without age restrictions, who have skills in front-end development.

Application can be submitted to official website until February 17 inclusive. Participation is free.

Based on the results of the Olympiad, a general rating will be compiled and winners will be determined in two additional categories — “Best in Layout” and “Best in JS”. Rating leaders and nomination winners will receive an invitation to work or internship at Yandex, as well as other leading IT companies in Russia.

The organizer of the first All-Russian Frontend Olympiad was HTML Academy, the largest Russian online school for web programming and development.

The Frontend Olympiad is a one-day competition in which participants solve not super-complicated puzzles designed for individuals, but real industry problems in creating web interfaces that are exactly encountered in work. We have developed tasks not for complexity, but for quality of execution, where you can demonstrate the professional skills of a front-end developer. Participants’ work will be assessed using the same criteria that are used within companies in the standard development processsaid Alexander Pershin, CEO of HTML Academy.

HTML Academy specialists develop assignments and evaluation criteria. The tasks and evaluation criteria are verified by the official partner — the Yandex company, a leader in the Russian market of innovative high-tech products. The scientific partner of the project, ITMO University, the leading Russian university in training IT specialists with experience in conducting the most complex Olympiads at the Russian and international level, controls the accuracy of the assessment of work and conducts a scientific study of the Olympiad.

In 2023, ITMO began collaborating with HTML Academy as part of the development of the Web Technologies master’s program. Thanks to our partner’s teachers, we have strengthened the curriculum of the educational program with disciplines related to the development of web applications in the ecosystems of the front-end frameworks React and Vue. Now we are holding a front-end Olympiad, where our joint expertise will help select talented, promising students and specialists for leading IT companies, as well as evaluate their overall competencies in order to understand how we can improve approaches to training web developers,” explained Ilya Gosudarev, associate professor of the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Science at ITMO.

To solve the problems of the Olympiad, you will need development skills in pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and adaptive layout taking into account overflow. In addition, skills in using ready-made assemblies and automation tools are required.

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