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April 20 is Akulinin's day. Be afraid of mermaids these days

April 20 is Akulinin's day. Be afraid of mermaids these days

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On Akulina Day, people believed, you should under no circumstances look out of the window. But we tried to walk and observe nature as much as possible. And on April 20, rituals dedicated to mermaids were held. The women cajoled them, asking them to protect men and children from all sorts of misfortunes and adventures. They also asked that there be no drowned people in families.

In Russian folklore, the mermaid was described as a very dangerous creature that languished and interfered with people’s lives. Girls who died before the wedding, committed suicide, or were strangled in their sleep by their mothers turned into mermaids.

By the way, in Rus’ they were sure that mermaids, living in bodies of water, often come to land. And they can be found in vegetable gardens, near bathhouses and in barns. They said that these creatures turn into water lilies during daylight hours, thus escaping from the sun. And at night they take on human form, play and dance in circles on the shore. That is why it was believed that when a person picks a water lily, he kills a mermaid.

The Church today honors the memory of the martyrs Akulina and Rufinus, who, by the power of their faith, converted 200 Roman soldiers to Christianity.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Heavy and “long-lasting” rain means a poor harvest of viburnum and spring crops.
  • Are there many stars in the sky? To a rich harvest of forest berries and mushrooms.
  • Morning frost, which passes with dawn, there will be a lot of buckwheat and bread.
  • It rained on April 20 — there will be a rich raspberry harvest.
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Name days are celebrated today: Akulina, Arkady, Georgy, Daniil, Evdokia, Peter.

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