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April 21 — Rodion Icebreaker. The sun is shining brightly?

April 21 — Rodion Icebreaker. The sun is shining brightly?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

April 21 is the time of active breaking and melting of ice. People said that on this day the Sun meets the Moon. And what this meeting will be like, this is how the summer will be.

Church on this day honors Saint Herodion, a relative of Saint Apostle Paul. As a bishop, Herodion spread Christian teaching among the pagan Hellenes. For this he was severely punished — he was subjected to torture that should have led to death. But Saint Herodion survived, and then worked a lot together with the holy Supreme Apostle Peter in Rome, preaching the word of God. After the Apostle Peter was crucified, Saint Rodion was also martyred — his head was cut off.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Early and short twilight, is the moon red? The next day will be warm, but… perhaps… there will be a thunderstorm.
  • The sun shines brightly on April 21 — summer will come soon.
  • Cloudy and foggy? The year will most likely be lean.
  • If the apple trees, pear trees and birch trees have blossomed, then you can sow oats.
  • A bright and sunny day means a favorable summer, and vice versa.
  • A warm evening and a calm night on Rodion means a hot and dry summer.
  • Fog in the morning? To frequent bad weather on summer days.
Name days are celebrated today: Ivan, Jacob, Luke, Agav, Herodion, Niphon, Rufus, Phlegon.

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