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April 24 is Antipas Flood Day. They say it helps with toothache

April 24 is Antipas Flood Day. They say it helps with toothache

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the Day of Antipas Flood, people believed that the waters open. Ice drift begins and streams flow even in places where winter had not given up ground until the very end. Most often, by the way, the weather on April 24 was extremely unstable.

The Church today honors Saint Antipius, who was a disciple of the Holy Apostle John the Theologian, and later became the bishop of the Church of Pergamon. He fervently believed in Christ, and also fervently condemned idolatry. For which he was eventually executed — he was burned alive on the altar.

In Rus’ they believed that Antip was a patron and healer. They believed that it helps people treat toothache.

Weather signs for April 24 are as follows:

  • In the morning the sky is red — spring will be rainy and windy.
  • Do small clouds form large clouds? To heavy rain.
  • If the ice on the rivers has not yet melted by this day, then the summer will be cold.
  • Rain on Antipas — there will be a lot of mushrooms.
  • The willow has bloomed — to warming weather.
  • A frosty morning and a sunny day mean good growth of spring crops.
  • The willow has fluffed up — winter is finally gone.
Name days are celebrated today: Efim, Ivan, Nikolai, Peter, Prokhor, Yakov.

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