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Are fines our everything? Electric scooters want to be fined for a number of offenses

Are fines our everything? Electric scooters want to be fined for a number of offenses

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Law enforcement agencies should promptly receive information about the owners, speed, location of personal mobility equipment (SIM). And fines for violations need to be increased and new offenses introduced. Artyom Sheikin, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building, is planning to introduce a bill containing such amendments in the autumn together with his colleagues. The other day, on his page on the social network, he conducted a survey among subscribers, in which almost 40 percent of those surveyed were in favor of a ban on electric scooters in cities. Artem Sheikin spoke about initiatives for further regulation of SIM in an interview «Parliamentary newspaper».

Artem Gennadievich, tell us about the results of the survey.

— More than a thousand people took part in it, slightly less than half were in favor of a complete ban on the use of electric scooters in cities, and the second half voted for the introduction of regulation in one form or another.

A large percentage of SIM opponents are due to the situation that is developing on most of the streets of our cities: sidewalks have ceased to be habitually safe for pedestrians, now they are more like a roadway for new vehicles.

What initiatives are currently being discussed in the Federation Council regarding the regulation of SIM?

— As part of the first steps to solve the problems of ensuring the safety of both SIM users themselves and pedestrians, my colleagues and I developed a draft law with amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. During the autumn session, we plan to submit it to the State Duma.

The bill defines new offenses and penalties for SIM users.

In particular, it is planned:

  • introduce a gradation of fines depending on the excess of the established speed limit from 800 rubles to 5 thousand;
  • for moving two or more persons on a scooter at the same time, the fine will be 2,000 rubles;
  • if the user interferes with the movement of pedestrians, the fine is also planned to be set at a level of at least 2 thousand rubles.
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In addition, we are discussing the speed limit for scooters to 10 kilometers per hour in public places, on sidewalks; issues of insurance of victims of the consequences of a collision with SIM; systems for monitoring the use of legal requirements; transferring data to law enforcement agencies about the owners, speed, location of electric scooters.

Should there be restrictions on the use of private SIMs? How can they be implemented?

“Our bill assumes equal responsibility and restrictions for both kicksharing users and private owners of electric scooters.

In order to track violations, in my opinion, it is necessary to create a single register of all SIM users to identify them, and also provide each scooter with a system for transmitting data on the location and speed of movement, all this data will be transmitted to urban traffic management centers. Thus, it will be possible to take control over the fulfillment of traffic rules by all users of individual mobility aids.

What, in your opinion, are the prospects for the use of SIM in cities? Can scooters go from entertainment to last mile transport?

— On this issue, I completely agree with the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko: electric scooters have long become a convenient way to travel. In my opinion, the number of SIM cards will only increase, as they allow you to quickly get from home to work, institute, store, without waiting for a bus or standing in a traffic jam.

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