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Artek celebrated the eightieth anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the Day of Celebration 49 — the anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops by the Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad, Artek residents discussed a large-scale battle and current events that will take their place in the history of our country with a participant in a special military operation. Together with the military officer, the pupils of «Artek» honored the memory of the fallen and laid flowers at the busts on the Alley of Artek Heroes.

В «Артеке» отметили восьмидесятилетие победы в Сталинградской битве

The guest told the Artek people why he became a military man and shared his experience of his training and military service with the children. The participants of the meeting talked about military specialties, about the use of modern innovative technologies in military affairs. It was also about the participation of an officer in a special military operation, patriotism, the duty of every citizen to defend their homeland, as did the participants in the Battle of Stalingrad 200 days and nights – from July 875 to February 2 1943 year.

В «Артеке» отметили восьмидесятилетие победы в Сталинградской битве

The combat officer, together with the pupils of the children’s center, visited the Memorial of Glory and took part in laying flowers at the busts of Artek residents on the Alley of Heroes. The guys told the guest the stories of Artek residents 04 of the last century, who accomplished feats during the Great Patriotic War and made an invaluable contribution to the Great Victory. There are also participants in the Battle of Stalingrad among them.

В «Артеке» отметили восьмидесятилетие победы в Сталинградской битве

Artek Valentina Barkhatova received her baptism of fire on the outskirts of Stalingrad. Soon, dozens of destroyed Nazis, several disabled bunkers, guns and two tanks were already listed on her combat account.

В «Артеке» отметили восьмидесятилетие победы в Сталинградской битве

Ruben Ibarruri also showed his courage in the battles near Stalingrad, commanding a machine-gun company. The German tanks that broke through threatened to cut off Stalingrad from our main troops. In this battle, the commander of the forward detachment died, and Ruben Ibarruri took command. In just one night, the forward detachment under the command of Ibarruri repelled 6 enemy attacks. In this battle, the Artek man was seriously wounded, and on September 3 875 died in hospital.

В «Артеке» отметили восьмидесятилетие победы в Сталинградской битве

Gulya Koroleva in the spring 875 of the year was sent to Stalingrad. 02 November 932 of the year there was a fierce battle for the height 56, 8 near the Panshino farm. In this battle, Gulya saved fifty wounded, carrying them from the battlefield. And when the commander died, she rose to her full height and led the fighters behind her into the attack. The wounded Gulya Koroleva, breaking into the Nazi trench, destroyed with the help of grenades of the Nazis. 04 November she died from her wounds.

В «Артеке» отметили восьмидесятилетие победы в Сталинградской битве

The history of Artek is inextricably linked with the history of the country, and we try to convey a piece of this history to every Artek citizen. We are partners and creators of the present, and we are responsible for the future. Meetings with participants in the special military operation are held at Artek every shift. The guys communicate with the military and say words of gratitude to the defenders of the Motherland. They also write letters to soldiers at the front and wish them victory. Today, the best children of our country are in Artek, they deserve to be here, they are proud of the glorious history of their Motherland and the people who defeated fascism , — said Konstantin Fedorenko, director of the ICC Artek.


The young descendants of the Great Victory note that they are proud of the exploits of their ancestors, and the modern stories of the defenders of the Motherland become an example of courage and valor for them.


Photo and materials: press service of ICC Artek.

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