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Artek celebrates National Unity Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A festive concert dedicated to the Day of National Unity was held at the Artek International Children’s Center. From the very morning, Artek residents congratulate each other, participate in festive events and flash mobs.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

Artek, the most multinational country of childhood, can be safely called Russia in miniature. Today, more than three thousand children from all over Russia take part in the celebrations dedicated to the Day of National Unity.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

On this day, the singer Danko came to visit Artek residents. He performed his compositions for the children and urged them to love their country.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

I wish all Artek residents and all Russians in general to love their Motherland on this wonderful holiday, to understand that the Motherland is the equivalent of a family. This is our culture, our language, everything that unites us. Here, in Artek, children feel it in the best possible way. Behind the understanding of our country lies our great strength , — the artist addressed the Artek people.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

The folklore dance group «Radonitsa» from Sevastopol also performed for the pupils of the children’s center. In bright folk costumes, the artists demonstrated the art of Russian folk dance.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

It is a great pride for us to perform in front of Artek. We represent our city, our country, its history for the younger generation. Of course, this is a kind of responsibility that we bear, and this inspires motivation in us , — explained Mikhail Dremov, a member of the Radonitsa ensemble.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства«Артек» празднует День народного единства

The concert ended with a flash mob with the participation of Artek residents — at the campfire of the Morskoy children’s camp, children performed a dance of friendship.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

In Artek, huge distances are reduced for children and the difference in time zones disappears. Here comes the understanding of true friendship, the feeling of happiness — to live in a big and strong country.


Every year, thousands of boys and girls from all regions of our country with completely different traditions, united by love for their homeland, come to the Artek ICC.

«Артек» празднует День народного единства

881642615Photos and materials: press service of ICC Artek.

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