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Artists of «Tavrida.ART» filled the streets of Sudak with meaning

Artists of «Tavrida.ART» filled the streets of Sudak with meaning

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On September 16, a grand opening of the murals took place in Sudak, which Tavrida.ART (a project of Rosmolodezh) presented to residents on City Day. Invited artists and residents of the art cluster painted seven walls on the streets of Sudak as part of the street art festival organized by Tavrida.ART for citizens.

I am grateful to the artists of the art cluster “Tavrida.ART”, who with their creativity are transforming our city and giving it a new flavor, making it more modern. Murals are becoming a new place of attraction for residents and guests of the city. And we are already discussing further joint work on creating such street paintings, — Konstantin Podsevalov, head of the Sudak city administration, commented on the opening of the murals.

For City Day, the artists prepared seven murals, which they created over several days. The process was observed by residents and tourists: this became a unique opportunity to see how street art is created and get to know the work of street artists better.

«Tavrida.ART» makes a significant contribution to the development of our city. These murals, I believe, are the introduction of the younger generation to contemporary art. This is a good example for our younger generation in the future to become artists or musicians, designers — any creators,” Yulia, a resident of Sudak, shares her impressions.

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On the central street of the city — Lenin Street — the artists created two murals: the facade of house No. 61 was occupied by the collage “Cranberries in a Square” with elements reflecting Russian culture and recognizable images of the Crimean Peninsula; On the wall of house No. 43, an image of a girl appeared with a map of Russia in her hands and the inscription “Learn to do everything yourself.” And the third image, which will soon decorate the main street, will be the drawing “Floral Study” — it will appear on the fence next to house No. 88. A boy with a boat, as a symbol of the fulfillment of a childhood dream, appeared on the wall of school-gymnasium No. 1 on the street. Mayakovskogo, 2. On the street. Gagarin, 42 artists depicted the “Red Horse”. A notebook sheet with the inscription “All roads lead to Rome Crimea. Write correctly!» added some zest to the building on the street. Tsvetochnaya, 19, and roses with grapes “Floral watercolor” will soon bloom on the wall of the house on the street. Gvardeiskaya, 33.

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The murals created by the art cluster reflect the cultural code of the country, convey deep meanings, and capture the symbols of the peninsula and the city of Sudak. The artists were thus given the opportunity to share their art with the townspeople on the largest possible scale and remind residents of the important values ​​that they tried to convey through their creativity.

People mistakenly associate street art with vandalism. But there is street art and street artists who make real paintings on infrastructure objects. And like any representatives of art, they convey their views, feelings, worldview to the general public. The appearance of such murals on the buildings of Sudak conveys not only the cultural code of our country, but also reflects the cultural code of the city, is a kind of its signaturesays Zaruhi Tovmasyan, head of the external communications department of the Tavrida.ART art cluster.

On September 9–16, “Tavrida.ART” (a project of Rosmolodezh) organized a street art festival as part of the celebration of Sudak City Day. The purpose of the event is to introduce city residents to street art and show its benefits in organizing public spaces. Also, as part of the festival, free performances and shows from leading street theaters in Russia took place, and at lectures, artists introduced residents to street art.

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source: press service of Tavrida.ART

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