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As-built documentation in construction: main aspects of preparation

As-built documentation in construction: main aspects of preparation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As-built documentation in construction is a set of documents necessary for the full implementation of construction. These documents record information about technical requirements, planning, execution, quality control, compliance with codes and standards, and financial aspects of the project. As-built documentation is prepared and provided by the contractor (general contractor) and other participants in the construction process.

Examples of documents included in as-built documentation in construction may include:

  • project documentation: These are the basic drawings, diagrams, and specifications that describe the requirements for construction, MEP systems, architectural elements, and other aspects of the project.
  • technical specifications: a document that contains technical requirements and standards that must be met by materials, equipment and work performed on a construction site.
  • construction schedule: a detailed work plan that determines the sequence and timing of the various stages of construction.
  • construction budget: a document that includes information about project financing, the cost of materials, work and equipment, as well as the costs of contractors’ services.
  • technical safety documentation: instructions and rules for safety on a construction site, including evacuation procedures, use of protective equipment, etc.
  • contracts and agreements: all necessary legal documents defining the relationship between the customer, general contractor, contractors and suppliers.
  • construction progress reports: Regular reports on work performed, problems, changes in the project and other events on the construction site.

As-built documentation serves as the basis for effective management of the construction process, ensures transparency and control over the execution of work, and also serves as a means of ensuring quality and safety on the construction site.

As-built documentation — issue price

How much does it cost to make as-built documentation in construction? — What do the amounts depend on? Experts here note: the cost of preparing these types of documentation documents can vary significantly depending on several factors. Below are the main aspects on which the cost depends:

  • scope and complexity of the project: the larger the project and the more complex its technical characteristics, the more labor and resources are required to prepare the as-built documentation. The complexity of architectural and engineering solutions, the use of new technologies, high safety requirements and unique project characteristics can increase the cost.
  • quality requirements: High standards and quality requirements can increase the cost of document preparation. This may include more detailed studies, extensive testing of materials, and more careful monitoring of compliance with regulations and standards.
  • participation of specialized consultants: If the project requires specialized engineers, architects or other consultants, their services may also affect the overall cost.
  • deadlines: The time frame within which the preparation of as-built documentation is required may affect the cost. Rush orders or expedited deadlines may require additional resources and thereby increase costs.
  • project location: Project location may affect cost due to differences in labor costs, material prices, and other region-specific factors.
  • artist selection: different companies and professionals offer different rates for their services. The choice of contractor may influence the overall cost of preparing documentation.
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To obtain an accurate cost, it is recommended to consult with several specialized firms or professionals, providing them with the details of your project. This will allow you to receive specific proposals and evaluate the ratio of price and quality of services.

Who makes executive documentation in construction

As-built documentation is usually prepared by specialized organizations or professionals in the field of design and construction. Depending on the size of the project and its complexity, these may be engineering consultants, design firms, architectural firms, general contractors or other specialized companies.

It is possible to order the preparation of executive documentation from third-party organizations or professionals if you do not have the necessary resources or expertise within your company. Many organizations provide services for the development of design and as-built documentation based on the provided requirements and data.

When choosing a contractor to prepare documentation, it is important to consider their experience, reputation, specialization in your industry, as well as their ability to cooperate with other participants in the construction process. Finding a suitable contractor may include tendering, portfolio analysis and discussion of project requirements.

When ordering as-built documentation from third-party organizations, it is important to ensure their professionalism, monitor compliance with project deadlines and requirements, and ensure open communication between all parties in order to satisfy the customer’s needs and achieve a successful completion of the construction process.

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