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At the entrance and exit from Sevastopol, the traffic pattern has changed, but traffic jams remain

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In connection with the opening of part of the 8th stage of the Tavrida highway, the traffic pattern of vehicles has changed. This was reported in the government of Sevastopol.

So, traffic to Inkerman on the street. Chernorechenskaya from junction with the highway «Tavrida» is allowed only to public transport. From Inkerman on the street. Chernorechenskaya, as before, all vehicles can drive. The main one is the highway «Tavrida», thus, entering the road Sevastopol — Inkerman from the street. Chernorechenskaya must yield.

На въезде и выезде из Севастополя изменилась схема движения транспорта, но «пробки» остались

The ways of entry and exit from Sevastopol today are as follows:

— through the Yalta ring and part of the new overpass across the river. Black;

— through Bakhchisaray, with. Tank and s. Ternovka;

— via Balaklava;

— via Inkerman.

We state: all the innovations did not reduce the «traffic jams» on the roads (entry-exit to the city-out of the city). The segment of the journey from the Sugar Loaf to the Yalta Ring can take up to an hour.

The government of Sevastopol offers a transport alternative — travel to the North side, and then — by ferry. Two ships operate on the line — «Admiral Lazarev», «Admiral Istomin». The carrying capacity of each ferry is 24 vehicles and up to 200 passengers. Movement interval — 30 minutes.

In addition, the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development plans to equip an additional way of entry and exit from Inkerman by May 9 (due to the repair of the overpass) — st. Angarskaya — CHPP — st. Yablochkova — Laboratory Highway (serpentine).

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A reversing traffic light, a road barrier will be installed on this section of the road, traffic control will be carried out by a contractor. This road will be designed for passenger traffic only.

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