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Athletes of the Crimea won 45 medals at the championship of the Southern Federal District

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Athletes of the Crimea won forty-five medals at the championship and championship of the Southern Federal District in athletics. The competition ended in Krasnodar.

Representatives of four age groups entered the venues for various disciplines: men and women, juniors up to 23 years, juniors up to 20 years, as well as boys and girls up to years. In total, the Crimean national team was represented by seventy-eight athletes. According to the results of the competition, they took fourteen first, sixteen second and fifteen third places , the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Crimea reported.

In discus throwing, Master of Sports Alena Belyakova became the best among women. Candidate master Bogdan Mazny was the fastest among men at a distance of 800 meters, and the master of sports of international class Ruslan Perestyuk, also competing in the age category of men, came first in the sixty meters.

Among juniors up to 23 years, CCM Alexander Kadukha distinguished himself, who won first place in the long jump.

As part of the juniors up to years, the athlete with the most track and field athletics name, Veronika Zabegalina, won two gold medals at once. She became the first in running distances 1500 and 800 meters. Ekaterina Kokche was the best in the discus throw. At the same age, the Crimeans excelled in the 4x relay 400, thanks to Anton Boldyrev, Daniil Kushchenko, Oleg Anaprienko and Ruslan Sundukov.

The list of «gold» winners is completed by juniors younger than 18 years. Artem Davidenko took first place in the javelin throw, Ilya Ivanov twice became the first in the run, on 60 and 200 meters, Daniil Radchenko overcame the distance 2000 meters with obstacles faster than his rivals, Nikolai Kharitonov took first place in the discus throw. The relay was left for the Crimeans here too: Sergey Kazakov, Artem Makrushin, Dmitry Dudinov and Yaroslav Dementienko brought victory to the team.

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