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August 21 is the day of Myron Vetrogon. Catch the wind — wishes, they say, fulfill

August 21 is the day of Myron Vetrogon. Catch the wind — wishes, they say, fulfill

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This day was called a windmill, because strong enough winds blew. They were represented as living creatures — bearded old men chained at the edge of the earth. Once a year, on Mironov’s day, they break out and roam the world, raising dust in a column and bringing a cold to people. If one wind gets tired of blowing, another immediately takes its place.

But the whirlwind was presented not only as an enemy, but also as an assistant. Especially in witchcraft. On Mironov’s winds, the guys bewitched the girls they liked, and married women, whose husbands were far away, conveyed their longing. To do this, it was necessary to get up at dawn at a well-ventilated intersection, utter special conspiracies, and leave without looking back. There was also a custom of divination into the wind. You need to make a wish and stand at the crossroads. If the breeze suddenly blew in your face, your plan will soon come true. If not, you’ll have to wait. But some sorcerers caused damage to the wind or threw other people’s ailments. Therefore, on this day, only notorious daredevils went to guess at the crossroads.

And people also noticed that the weather on August 21 often became truly autumnal.

They used to go to Miron to pick blackberries in the forest. This berry was used as a diaphoretic and cold remedy — because it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Also, blackberries were highly valued for their aroma and taste, and therefore they prepared kissels, compotes, wines, tinctures, marshmallows. Blackberry leaves could be brewed like tea, mixing them with currant and strawberry leaves — it turned out not only tasty, but also healthy. This drink boosts the immune system.

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Notes of the day:

  • What is the weather on this day — this will be the whole of January.
  • Whirlwinds are especially strong — it will be cold until Indian summer.
  • The south wind is blowing — to a good harvest of oats.
  • Hoarfrost in the morning — next year will be fruitful.
  • The north wind (siverko) blows — to the harvest of rye and the imminent cold weather.
  • The new moon on this day is a change in the weather.
  • Light, barely noticeable chill — to a warm autumn. Strong storm — by rainy September.
  • Hot weather on this day — to the long Indian summer.
  • It’s rainy outside the window — towards a rainy autumn.
  • At noon, no ripples are visible on the river — to a warm autumn and a mild winter.
  • A lot of berries — for a frosty winter.
  • A large harvest of mountain ash — to early frosts.

Name days are celebrated today by: Moses, Herman, Grigory, Joseph, Nikolai, Fedor, Miron, Leonid, Emelyan.

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