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August 22 is the day of Matthew (Matthia). The air is getting cold…

August 22 is the day of Matthew (Matthia). The air is getting cold…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Matthew’s Day is another harbinger of the coming autumn. The air gradually cools down, the Sun “goes to sleep” earlier. And the weather on August 22, as a rule, does not please you with a good mood — it is raining and the wind is tearing.

An old ritual is associated with Matthew’s Day. Even before dawn, the housewives took jugs of milk outside and left them until the morning dew disappeared. It was believed that after that the cows would be better milked. But the cows themselves were not driven out to pasture — they believed that on this day the mythical Serpent crawls out of the ground and sucks milk from animals.

Gardeners also picked plums that day, and gardeners tore ripe tomatoes. In addition, the collection of apples continued, and the youth went to the forest for lingonberries and honey mushrooms.

On August 22, the church honors the memory of St. Matthias, one of the disciples of Jesus, who became one of the 12 apostles after Judas Iscariot. In the book of the Acts of the Apostles, the name Matthias is mentioned only once. He is mentioned when Peter invites the apostles to choose a disciple who will take the place of Judas, who betrayed Jesus and committed suicide. Then the choice was between Matthias and Barsabas. As a result of the lot, Matthias became the 12th apostle. Other information about the life of Matthias can be obtained from later sources. So, for example, in the book of Demetrius of Rostov it is said that Matthias was born in Bethlehem and, under the guidance of Simeon the God-bearer, studied the Law of God. He was one of the 70 best disciples of Jesus and later, together with 12 apostles, he became a witness of the descent of the Holy Spirit. Then he preached in Judea and Jerusalem. It is written that Matthias had miraculous abilities — he helped the sick and cast out demons from people. Many times his life was threatened by danger, but he constantly avoided it. However, once the trouble did not bypass Matthias. It is known that members of the Sanhedrin nevertheless seized Matthias and accused him of spreading Christianity. It is not known for certain how Matthias died. According to some sources, he was crucified on a cross. There is also information that he was stoned to death.

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Notes of the day:

  • It is necessary to milk a cow on this day alone, fearing the evil eye. After milking, the bucket must not be placed on a chair or on a table, otherwise Burenka’s milk will be lost. Also, the milkmaid should not be told how much milk she milked in the morning — to the illness of the cow.
  • Marmots whistle loudly — the heat will last until mid-autumn.
  • The night is clear, but there is no dew — to the rain the next morning.
  • Lots of dew for a hot day.
  • It’s raining — bad weather will last until the end of August.
  • The young month is clearly visible in the sky — it will be hot until the end of the month.
  • A rainy day — to a crop failure next year.
  • Strong south wind — in winter there will be a lot of snow.
  • The oats were ripe for Matthew’s day — for the harvest of nuts.
  • Strong wind — to a harsh, frosty winter.
  • A pregnant cow lies down with her head at noon — she calves in the afternoon. If at midnight — in the evening or at night.
  • Quiet, calm weather — to a quiet autumn and late winter.
Name days are celebrated today: Leonty, Makar, Peter, Grigory, Yakov, Ivan, Anton, Samuil, Dmitry, Julian.

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