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Autumn conscription for military service continues in the Republic of Crimea

Autumn conscription for military service continues in the Republic of Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the text of the Presidential Decree, from October 1 to December 31, 2023, it is planned to call up 130 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 27 years who are not in the reserves for military service. The term of military service has not changed and is 1 year.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, all conscripts called up in the fall of 2023 will serve on the territory of the Russian Federation; they will not be sent to new regions or the Northern Military District zone.

A summons for the need to appear at the military registration and enlistment office is issued to the conscript personally, and since April of this year it can be sent by registered mail, or electronically through the State Services portal or the MFC. The summons is considered received from the moment it is posted in your personal account on Gosuslugi. At the same time, if the summons is not recognized as served in person or electronically, then it will be considered as such after seven days after posting in the Register of Summons (it will store copies of the summons, information about the military registration and enlistment office, the date from which the summons is considered served, as well as the date appearance at the military registration and enlistment office, you can access the register through “State Services” or the MFC.

According to the amendments to Federal Law No. 437-FZ “On Military Duty and Military Service” dated August 4, 2023, failure to appear without a valid reason in response to a summons served after 20 calendar days from the date specified in the summons entails penalties against the citizen temporary measures aimed at ensuring his appearance, in the form of:

a) a ban on state registration of individuals as individual entrepreneurs;

b) a ban on registering an individual with the tax authority as a taxpayer applying the special tax regime “Professional Income Tax”;

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c) suspension of registration of real estate for state cadastral registration and (or) state registration of rights, carried out in accordance with Federal Law of July 13, 2015 N 218-FZ “On State Registration of Real Estate”;

d) restrictions on a citizen’s use of the right to drive vehicles granted by Federal Law of December 10, 1995 N 196-FZ “On Road Traffic Safety”

In addition, citizens subject to conscription for military service are prohibited from leaving the Russian Federation from the day the military commissariat’s summons in relation to them is posted in the public register of served summonses, as a temporary measure aimed at ensuring their appearance.

For failure to appear at the military registration and enlistment office without a good reason, a conscript faces a fine of up to 30 thousand rubles, and if a Russian does not inform the commissariat about a change in marital status, education, position, change of place of work or move to a new place of residence, he may be charged up to 5 thousand rubles .

Those who deliberately evade military service under conscription face criminal liability (Part 1 of Article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles, up to six months of arrest, up to two years of forced labor or imprisonment.

From January 1, 2024, the upper draft age limit will be raised from 27 to 30 years.

For all questions of interest, citizens can contact the military commissariat of the city of Yalta of the Republic of Crimea.

Address: Republic of Crimea, Yalta, Morskaya st., 8

Telephone: +7(3654)22-22-62

Operating mode: 8:30-17:30 (break 13:00-14:00)

Reception schedule for citizens: Tuesday, Thursday from 9-00 to 13-00 and from 15-00 to 17-00

source: press service of the Yalta administration

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