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«Bastion» struck from the Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed the moment of using the Crimean coastal missile systems «Bastion» for attacks on the infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Specialists note, which means such a demonstrative launch of missiles.

Firstly, everyone was surprised to learn that the complex with supersonic Onyx missiles can hit not only ships, as previously thought, but also ground targets.

Secondly, and most interestingly, today Russia has confirmed in practice that the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles no longer exists. This agreement, which was signed by Gorbachev and Reagan, entered into force in 1988 year. The parties agreed to eliminate all systems of ground-based ballistic and cruise missiles of medium (1000—5500 km) and smaller (from 5500 up to 1000 km) range, and not to manufacture, test or deploy such missiles in the future. On August 2 2019 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia officially announced the termination of the Treaty. Earlier, the United States, starting from 2014 year, has repeatedly stated its desire to withdraw from this «deal». And today we can definitively state that many agreements of the “era of detente” have sunk into oblivion. The Cold War did not go anywhere, it is here and now, — the summer truce is over.

For reference: the range of missiles of the Bastion complex is more than 600 km.

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