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Between May 13 and May 19, 66 Crimeans became victims of remote scammers

Between May 13 and May 19, 66 Crimeans became victims of remote scammers

CrimeaPRESS reports:


The police were contacted 40 citizens who have suffered from the actions of telephone scammers.

The Crimean police remind you: double-check the information carefully! If you were informed by phone that some transactions are taking place with your account, or that unknown people are trying to steal your savings, you urgently need to transfer money to a secure account — hang up and personally call the bank’s hotline to clarify reliable information! Don’t follow instructions from strangers!

A resident of Yevpatoria contacted the police with a statement and said that the phone received a call from an unknown person who introduced himself as a mobile phone employee. Under the pretext of renewing the contract for using this mobile operator, the fraudster took possession of the applicant’s funds.

REMEMBER! Law enforcement officers will never call via mobile phone or instant messenger!

22 of the specified number of CALLS were made through instant messengers, including using the logo of one of the leading banks in Crimea.

A resident of Simferopol received a call from an unknown person in the Telegram messenger and introduced himself as a law enforcement officer. Under the pretext that the fraudsters were allegedly sponsoring terrorist activities on behalf of the applicant and to protect the account, they took possession of the woman’s funds.

A resident of Yalta filed a fraud complaint with the police. An unknown person called her on Skype, where during the conversation, under the pretext of employment as a freelancer, he took possession of the applicant’s funds.

A Moscow resident told police that she received a call from an unknown person on the Telegram messenger who introduced himself as a law enforcement officer. Under the pretext of protecting personal data and funds, the fraudster took possession of the woman’s savings.

Did you hear these words on the phone?

– “someone is applying for a loan for you right now”;

– “you need to get ahead of the scammers and hide your funds in a safe account”;

– “an investigator/interrogator/bailiff/FSB operative is calling you”;

– “a criminal case has been opened against you…”;

– “You need to update your personal data…”.

Hang up!


I fell for the tricks of scammers who use social networks, instant messengers and Internet sites 23 citizen.

REMEMBERthat you need to be very careful on the Internet. You should not trust strangers offering easy or quick money. If an acquaintance writes to you asking for a loan of money, you should call him back personally and make sure that his account has not been hacked by unknown people. When purchasing an item or service, make sure that they are not scammers — pay for the goods after receiving them, buy only from a trusted person who was previously purchased by yourself or someone you know.

A resident of the Krasnogvardeisky district told police that he was in contact with an unknown person via Telegram messenger, who was supposed to pick up and transport the car to the man’s place of residence. After payment, the unknown person stopped communicating, and the vehicle never reached its recipient.

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A resident of Yalta filed a fraud complaint with the police. The woman reported that an unknown person, using her friend’s personal account on a social network, took possession of the funds under the pretext of borrowing money. Only after the applicant transferred the money did she learn that her friend’s account had been hacked.

A resident of the Simferopol district told the police that an unknown person, under the pretext of selling diesel fuel to the applicant, took possession of funds through a free classifieds website.

An unknown person, using correspondence on a social network, introduced himself as an employee of a pension fund. Under the pretext of increasing her pension, the attacker took possession of the funds of a resident of Yevpatoria.


Three citizens fell for the tricks of scammers — they followed links from an unknown source and installed malicious applications.

A resident of Yevpatoria contacted the police and said that an unknown person called him and offered to invest in bank shares. The man agreed and then the attacker sent him a link supposedly to log into his personal account. The applicant clicked on the link provided, and the fraudster gained remote access to his banking application. After this, funds were debited from the applicant’s account.

An unknown person, using a social network, under the pretext of buying a bed from a resident of Simferopol, invited the man to follow the link. After which a resident of Simferopol discovered that funds had been written off from his account.

Crimean police remind you to avoid becoming a victim of scammers, you need to know the following:

– employees of any bank never ask for your card details (card number, expiration date, secret code on the back of the card), since they have your data;

– never tell anyone your passwords or secret codes that you receive in an SMS message from the bank; remember that only scammers ask for secret passwords that come to you in an SMS message from the bank;

– it is better to avoid telephone conversations with suspicious people who introduce themselves as employees of the bank, law enforcement agencies, don’t be afraid to interrupt the conversationjust hang up;

– do not make an advance payment for goods or promised payment (service), make payment only upon their actual receipt;

– never transfer funds if your friend on a social network asks you to do so, perhaps scammers have hacked your account, first contact this person and find out if he is really asking you for money;

– on the Internet, do not follow links to unknown sites, you need to pay attention to the address bar of the site, the name of the site, whether there are any additional characters or names in the address bar, whether the site is located in the “ru” domain zone.

source: press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Crimea

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