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Branch of the SFR in Sevastopol: applications are being accepted for the provision of preventive measures to reduce injuries and occupational diseases

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Department of the SFR in Sevastopol notes:

At the moment, 8 employers of Sevastopol have already applied to the Department of the Social Fund with applications for financing labor protection measures in the amount of more than one million rubles. In total, this year the Sevastopol Branch plans to send 15 million rubles to insurers.

As compensation for the costs of implementing preventive measures, employers in Sevastopol can reimburse from 20% to 30% of the amount of contributions to compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases accrued for the previous year. More than 20% of insurance premiums can be reimbursed if additional funds are allocated for sanatorium-and-spa treatment for workers of pre-retirement age.

As part of the financing of preventive measures, the following activities are most in demand among employers:

  • conducting a special assessment of working conditions;
  • training on labor protection and on the safe conduct of work for various categories of workers;
  • purchase of personal protective equipment, washing and neutralizing agents for workers employed in work with harmful and dangerous working conditions, as well as in work performed in special temperature conditions or associated with pollution;
  • sanatorium-and-spa treatment of workers employed in work with harmful and dangerous production factors;
  • conducting mandatory periodic medical examinations, examinations of employees;
  • purchase of first aid kits;
  • sanatorium-and-spa treatment for pre-pensioners.

One of the main conditions for the financial provision of preventive measures is that the insured does not have any arrears in paying insurance premiums.

Organizations can send documents for reimbursement of costs for preventive measures to the SFR Department for Sevastopol in electronic form through the State Services portal. The call for applications will run until August 1, 2023. However, we strongly recommend not to postpone the application and send an application and a package of documents to the FIS Department in the near future.

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Detailed information on financing preventive measures can be found at

regional page of the official website of the Social Fund of Russia in the section «Insurants».

source: press service of the Department of the SFR in Sevastopol

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