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BTL marketing is a strategy for highly effective promotional events for promoting goods and services

BTL marketing is a strategy for highly effective promotional events for promoting goods and services

CrimeaPRESS reports:

BTL (Below The Line) marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on directly interacting with the target audience, bypassing traditional advertising channels. The main difference between BTL marketing and ATL (Above The Line) marketing is that BTL activities are aimed at a narrower audience and are focused on creating direct interaction with consumers.

Examples of BTL activities include point-of-sale events, promotions, product demonstrations, special offers, personal meetings, etc. An important feature of BTL marketing is its more personal and direct nature, which allows brands to interact more closely with end consumers —

BTL marketing can be especially effective for promoting products or services that require close interaction with the consumer, or when there is a need to create a specific experience or emotional connection with the brand.

BTL marketing — events

BTL marketing includes a variety of activities aimed at direct interaction with the target audience. Here are some examples of BTL activities:


  • distribution of free product samples.
  • carrying out discounts and special offers.
  • organization of competitions and lotteries.

Point-of-sale events

  • product tastings in stores.
  • participation in fairs and exhibitions.
  • sales and presentations in shopping centers.

Personal meetings

  • organizing product presentations for key clients.
  • business breakfasts or lunches with potential partners.
  • individual meetings with company representatives.

Direct marketing

  • sending personalized brochures and catalogs.
  • telephone calls and personal visits from company representatives.
  • email with personal offers.

Special Events

  • corporate events and festive evenings.
  • sponsorship and participation in charity events.
  • organization of press conferences and presentations.

Interactive events

  • creation of interactive stands and areas at exhibitions.
  • games and competitions using technology (for example, mobile applications).
  • interaction through social networks and online platforms.

Training events

  • master classes and trainings for consumers.
  • educational webinars and seminars.
  • participation in educational programs and schools.

These activities are aimed at attracting the attention of the target audience, creating a positive impression of the product or service, and establishing closer and more personal connections with consumers.

BTL Marketing Strategy — Scope of Application

BTL marketing can be used to promote a wide range of goods and services, but the effectiveness of this strategy may depend on the specific characteristics of the product or service, as well as the target audience. Here are a few situations where BTL marketing can be especially effective, and when its use may be limited:

Products with a high level of involvement

  • BTL marketing is often effective for promoting products that require close interaction with the consumer, such as food, cosmetics, household appliances, etc.

Services that require trust

  • If a product or service requires a high level of consumer trust (eg financial services, healthcare services), BTL activities can help establish personal connections and create positive perceptions.

New products

  • BTL marketing can be effective when launching a new product, as it allows the brand to interact more closely with consumers, providing an opportunity to try the product and get feedback.

Limited Budgets

  • For smaller businesses or those on a budget, BTL marketing can be a more affordable way to get attention for a product or service than traditional ATL campaigns.

However, there are situations where BTL marketing may be less suitable:

Wide target audience

  • if a product or service is intended for a wide audience rather than a narrow segment, ATL marketing that reaches large masses may be more appropriate.

Low Involvement Products

  • some products or services may be of little interest to consumers, and in such cases, BTL marketing may not bring the expected effect.
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Large scale and global campaigns

  • For companies focused on global or large-scale markets, ATL marketing using traditional channels (TV, radio, Internet) may be a more suitable choice.

In general, the choice of BTL marketing strategy depends on the specific goals of the company, its brand, products and target audience.

BTL marketing is a complex strategy. Implement it yourself or contact specialists

The implementation of a BTL marketing strategy can be done either independently or by turning to specialists, depending on the resources, experience and complexity of the planned activities.

Independent implementation of BTL marketing:

  • small budgets: If you have a limited budget, you can start with small-scale BTL activities, such as hosting local events, tastings or promotions, which can be implemented at minimal cost.
  • local markets: For companies focused on local markets, organizing BTL events on their own may be an easier task, as it usually requires less complex coordination.
  • experience of internal resources: If your team has experience in marketing and event management, you can successfully implement a BTL strategy on your own.

Contact the specialists:

  • professional experience: if you do not have sufficient experience in organizing BTL events, turning to professionals can ensure more efficient and high-quality holding of events.
  • Wide coverage and complex campaigns: For companies targeting a wide audience or planning large BTL campaigns, collaboration with specialized agencies can provide wider coverage and better coordination.
  • creative approach: professional marketers and agencies can provide more creative and innovative ideas for BTL events, which can improve their effectiveness.
  • time saving: turning to specialists can save your time and reduce the risks associated with inexperienced independent implementation of BTL activities.

Combined approach:

Often companies choose a combined approach, in which they can use internal resources for certain aspects of BTL marketing, and turn to specialists for more complex tasks or wider campaigns.

Regardless of the option you choose, it’s important to define your goals, research your target audience, and create a strategy that suits your specific needs. benefits of your business and products.

Full service BTL agencies

There are BTL agencies that specialize in Below The Line marketing and provide full-cycle services, including planning, development, coordination and execution of BTL events. These agencies usually have experience in organizing promotions, events, product demonstrations, personal meetings with consumers and other BTL activities.

The work of a BTL agency may include the following elements:

  • strategic planning: development of a BTL marketing strategy in accordance with the client’s business goals and product features.
  • creative design: creating concepts and ideas for BTL activities to attract the attention of the target audience.
  • execution of events: organizing and implementing various BTL events, such as promotions, exhibitions, personal meetings, and others.
  • coordination: managing the entire event process, including interaction with suppliers, staff and participants.
  • analysis and reporting: assessing the effectiveness of BTL campaigns and providing reports to clients with recommendations for improving the strategy.

Choosing a full-service BTL agency can be especially useful if you have no experience in organizing such events, or if you have large and complex marketing tasks. Such agencies usually have experience working with various industries and know how to effectively interact with their target audience.

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