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Build a bath in the country? Oh sure. But on the terms of Rossreestr

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Rosreestr told on which sites a bathhouse can be built and what it should be so that the owner is not fined for non-compliance with land legislation. So:

If the site is intended for gardening, outbuildings, including a bathhouse, can be erected on it. If the building is on the foundation, then it will have to be registered, since in this case it will become an object of capital construction. If the site is intended for gardening, then building a bathhouse and other auxiliary buildings on it is capital, that is, on the foundation, it is prohibited. If the owner wants to establish a solid foundation, he will have to change the type of permitted use (VRI) of the land. When choosing a VRI of a land plot, it is worth considering the rules of land use, development and location of the plot in a certain territorial zone , notes Rossiyskaya Gazeta .

It is impossible to change the type of land that was provided to a horticultural or horticultural non-profit association of citizens created before 01 July 2017 of the year, Rosreestr emphasizes. An exception may be cases where the partnership (cooperative) is liquidated or does not operate. The status of the association can be checked in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

If the site is intended for individual housing construction, then a bathhouse can also be built on it.

On plots with subsidiary plots that are privately owned, it is also allowed to build a bathhouse, but in this case there are some features. Two types of land plots can be used for personal subsidiary farming: household plots (located inside settlements) or field plots (located outside settlements on agricultural land). It is forbidden to build on the latter by law, while it is allowed to build a bathhouse on personal plots.

To register a bath — an object of capital construction, it is necessary to measure the bath and draw up its technical plan. A cadastral engineer will be able to perform these works and prepare a document.

Then it is necessary to apply to the MFC with an application for simultaneous cadastral registration and registration of rights with a prepared technical plan attached to it, a title document for a land plot (if the land plot is not registered) and a document confirming the payment of state duty. Within 12 working days it will be registered with the cadastre and the right of ownership will be registered, as well as its cadastral value will be determined.

The cadastral engineer who prepared the documents has the right to submit an application to Rosreestr for state cadastral registration and state registration of rights as a representative of the real estate owner. However, a power of attorney may be required.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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