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Builders will enter the Sevastopol Victory Park again — the second stage of reconstruction is coming

Builders will enter the Sevastopol Victory Park again — the second stage of reconstruction is coming

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The State Historical and Cultural Expertise issued a positive opinion on the second phase of the reconstruction of the Victory Park, fixing that no construction and earthworks will be carried out directly within the boundaries of the archaeological heritage site «Sections of boundary walls in the Victory Park» .

Under the contract concluded between JSC «Sevastopolstroyproekt» and LLC «Crimean Regional Center for Archaeological Research», work was carried out to adjust the section of project documentation. Its necessity was caused by the clarification of the design boundaries and the change in design decisions. As it turned out, the original planning decisions were superimposed on the archaeological heritage site. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out measures to ensure its safety, developed by the Crimean Regional Center for Archaeological Research LLC in 2019 and agreed with Sevnasledie on a total area of ​​0.2 hectares. Archaeologists laid seven pits and did not find anything of value, there were also no signs of a cultural layersays «Sevastopol newspaper».

Examination conclusion: “In the course of the analysis of design solutions for 2023, it was established that earthworks for the reconstruction and improvement of the park, the placement of small architectural forms: benches, sheds, urns, the repair and reconstruction of the road and path network directly within the boundaries of the territory of the identified object of archaeological heritage “Plots of boundary walls in Victory Park «not provided».

More playgrounds for children and electric scooters will be built

Thus, as part of the second stage of reconstruction, grandiose construction is planned on two land plots of 2.5 and 3.5 hectares in Victory Park. They will build a parking lot for electric scooters, an administration building and two cafes with toilets, three playgrounds for children of different ages, a skate park, pump track, bike parking, gazebos, an arch, automatic watering tanks, a wide variety of places for recreation — with swings, for classes yoga, workout, with outdoor hammocks under pergolas. They will equip the entrance group, a green tunnel, a dog walking area.

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The first stage of the reconstruction of the park with an area of ​​39 hectares and a cost of more than a billion rubles was commissioned by May 9, 2019. According to Sevastopol residents, the work was performed poorly. Critical remarks were made about the violation of the technology of laying tiles on footpaths, regarding the inscriptions of various sizes on the fountains and the quality of the fountains themselves, the shortcomings of greenery, toilets and trash cans.

The contract for the reconstruction and improvement of the second phase of the park was signed in December 2020. This time, JSC Sevastopolstroyproekt became the general contractor, the cost of the work is 401 million rubles, the deadline is December 2021. At the same time, an advance payment of 87 million rubles was paid, but the finished project could not receive a positive conclusion from the state examination.

At the end of July this year, the project for the second stage of the Victory Park, again did not pass the approval, but already at the city Architectural and Art Council and was sent for revision. So, the designers were asked to change the location of the playgrounds and the skate park for fear of creating unnecessary noise on them. In addition, the concept of landscaping the territory was rejected, which was agreed by the developers not with Sevprirodnadzor, but with a private landscaper.

Now that the examination has been passed and changes have been made to the project, under favorable circumstances and approval by the Architectural Council, it can be expected that the reconstruction of the second stage of the park will begin next year.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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