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By 2030, Crimea plans to involve 70% of residents in regular sports activities.

By 2030, Crimea plans to involve 70% of residents in regular sports activities.

CrimeaPRESS reports:

About 70% of residents of the Republic of Crimea are planned to be involved in regular physical education and sports by 2030, reported TASS Minister of Sports of the region Olga Torubarova.

The rate of involvement of local residents in sports has increased from 258.4 thousand people in 2014 (13% of the total population of the republic) to 55% of Crimeans — today more than 940 thousand people systematically engage in physical education and sports. The goal is to reach 1,232,000 people by 2030, that is, 70% of the region’s populationsaid Torubarova, noting that this figure includes Crimeans aged 3 to 79 years.

The minister also said that since 2019, new sports for the region have been actively developing in the republic: extreme power sports, obstacle racing, rope skipping (jumping rope), airsoft, sports programming, roller sports, fidgetal sports, computer sports, laser combat, underwater sports, drone racing and others.

source: TASS

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