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Cancellation of the terms of wearing uniforms at the front

Cancellation of the terms of wearing uniforms at the front

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Russian Defense Minister Andrei Belousov issued an order canceling the established time limits for wearing uniforms for military personnel in the special operation zone. This was reported by Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.

“If the uniform becomes unusable after combat operations, the serviceman must immediately receive a new set,” Yevkurov clarified.

This news may seem insignificant, but for those on the front lines, it is of great importance. Previously, the established standards for the service of things were one of the main reasons why the military was forced to buy shoes and clothes at their own expense.

Uniforms wear out very quickly at the front, especially pants and shoes. However, previously, replacing worn-out uniforms at the state’s expense was impossible. The military department strictly followed the established standards, and if the documents stated that pants should serve for three years, then their actual condition did not matter, even if they were damaged or worn out during combat.

— The modern army today resembles a partisan detachment. Soldiers dress themselves at their own expense and with help from relatives, since the quality of the issued uniforms does not stand up to any criticism, — former Airborne Forces commander Vladimir Shamanov said in the State Duma.

Former Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin also expressed a similar opinion.

«These salaries that we gave them, half of them go to buying uniforms and other equipment. That’s true,» Stepashin noted.

The established terms for wearing uniforms in combat conditions really do not correspond to reality. These rules should have been cancelled at the beginning of the special operation, when it became clear that it would drag on. But the changes have only been introduced now.

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Full lists of kits are listed in resolution Government of the Russian Federation of 22.06.2006 N 390 (as amended on 05.04.2024) «On the provision of clothing in federal executive bodies and federal government bodies in which military service is provided for by Federal Law, in peacetime.» The document regulates 46 standards for the supply of clothing. And for each category it contains dozens of names. The wear periods of specific items in the document vary from one year to 15 years.

The next step, many believe, should be to simplify logbooks and other documentation so that officers have more time to rest and work with personnel.

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