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Car enthusiasts in Russia and Kazakhstan are increasingly interested in Chinese car brands

Car enthusiasts in Russia and Kazakhstan are increasingly interested in Chinese car brands

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For five months of 2023, reports, more than 16 thousand cars were imported to Kazakhstan from China. And this figure looks more than impressive, considering the fact that for the entire 2022, 12.5 thousand cars under the brands of the Celestial Empire arrived in the territory of the republic. And in terms of amounts, 2023 “beats” 2022 — the cost of auto imports in the current period amounted to $291.8 million, while for the entire last year it was 183.9 million.

In Russia, the situation is similar — for the second month in a row, the Chinese auto industry has been shipping cars worth record amounts to the Russian market.

What do experts say about this? What explains such an explosive demand for cars from Chinese brands? There is no single answer here; experts highlight a number of features and advantages characteristic of Chinese cars:

  • price: Chinese cars usually offer lower prices compared to similar models from European or Japanese manufacturers. This makes them accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  • technology and equipment: Chinese manufacturers are actively investing in the development of new technologies and equipment for their cars. This includes various security systems, multimedia systems and other innovations.
  • variety of models: The Chinese offer a wide range of models, ranging from small city cars to SUVs and electric cars. This allows you to choose a car that suits the buyer’s needs and budget.
  • efficiency: Many Chinese cars offer good fuel economy, which is important to most buyers.
  • Warranties and service: Chinese automakers are looking to improve their warranty and after-sales services, which will boost buyer confidence.
  • environmental friendliness: In recent years, many Chinese manufacturers have been actively developing the segment of electric and hybrid cars, which meets modern environmental and sustainability requirements.
  • localization of production: A number of Chinese automakers are starting to assemble cars in Russia and Kazakhstan, which allows them to reduce prices and improve service.
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However, experts warn that when buying a Chinese car, you should always take into account that quality and reliability may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific model. It’s important to do thorough research, read reviews and test drives to choose a car that suits your needs and expectations. Also, don’t forget about insurance and post-purchase support, which play an important role in car satisfaction.

At the same time, experts say, although the demand for cars is increasing, the Chinese auto industry has to “fight” for buyers in a rather competitive market. Both residents of Kazakhstan and residents of the Russian Federation, experts say, are quite conservative in terms of choosing cars. The Chinese are desperately fighting for the “minds” of car enthusiasts:

  • LADA: The Russian brand LADA (formerly known as AvtoVAZ) currently occupies a leading position in the car market. Models such as LADA Vesta and LADA Granta are very popular among consumers.

  • KIA and Hyundai: Korean manufacturers KIA and Hyundai also “bribe” with high-quality and relatively affordable cars.
  • Volkswagen: Models such as the Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Tiguan are still popular among car enthusiasts.
  • Toyota and Nissan: Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan have a stable demand due to their reliability and quality.

Of course, consumer preferences may change over time, and new factors may affect automakers’ market shares. Chinese automakers such as Great Wall Motors, Geely, and BYD are also seeking to increase their share of the Russian market and compete with global brands. It’s important to note that competition in the auto industry is constantly changing, and many factors, including price, quality, technology and marketing, play an important role in the success of each manufacturer.

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