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Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»: Rostik needs one more year of habilitation. Help!

Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»: Rostik needs one more year of habilitation. Help!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Rostik’s first word was “mom,” he said it at the age of 4, after a year of daily work on an individual program with specialists from the Children’s Inclusive Center “It’s Fun to Walk Together.” After another year, he can speak in five-word sentences.

Rostislav has autism spectrum disorder. Thanks to your support, he is making great progress: he has learned to speak, express emotions in words and drawings on paper, and he enjoys communicating with his peers. But in order not to lose skills and prepare for school, the boy needs to continue studying with specialists. When Oksana, Rostik’s mother, turned to the Foundation for help, our acquaintance began with her phrase: “Why did this happen to me again? There’s something wrong with my sonsay experts from the Gulf Stream Charitable Foundation.

Oksana is a mother of many children, she has 3 children. Her eldest daughter is disabled from birth, and her youngest son Rostislav is also a child with special needs.

He grew up like many children: he cooed and laughed, and at 1 year and 8 months he became silent, as if he had stopped hearing everyone around him and had lost interest in those around him. The boy stopped playing with other children.

When Rostik turned two, I was already seriously worried. We need to go to the garden, but my son climbs under the swing, runs away from the children, and does not play with them. We also noticed that Rostik does not understand speech addressed to him. He responded to his name, but his gaze was fleetingOksana noted.

His parents tried to teach Rostislav to show on his fingers how old he was, but it didn’t work. We tried to repeat the simplest words, but it was as if he didn’t hear.

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Charitable Foundation"Gulfstream": Rostik needs one more year of habilitation. Help!

In September 2021, three-year-old Rostik’s mother brought him to the Children’s Inclusive Center “It’s Fun to Walk Together.” For two years, specialists worked with him according to an individual program: a psychologist, a neuropsychologist, a defectologist and a specialist in adaptive physical education. Parents’ dreams come true. They waited a long time for their son to speak, and thanks to the specialists, he said the cherished “mom.” A year later he began to speak meaningful long phrases. During classes with the Center’s favorite speech therapist-defectologist Kamilla Gadzhieva, Rostik can already say: “Camilla, blow big bubbles.” And after they blow bubbles together, Rostik says: “What a beauty,” he has learned to express joy.

The little one also learned to paint. He really loves the color blue. Draws blue clouds, blue sea, blue tractor.

Rostik started playing with other children — and this is huge progress.

All these successes are the result of the daily work of highly professional specialists with the family under their care. Rostik needs one more year of habilitation to prevent regression. But the cost of the course is prohibitive for a large family.

If every Friend of the fund signs up for a monthly payment in support of Rostislav, you will be able to help the boy consistently attend classes. Even a small amount is of great importance — every million for annual habilitation consists of donations of 100 rubles,” noted the Gulfstream Charitable Foundation.

Charitable Foundation"Gulfstream": Rostik needs one more year of habilitation. Help!

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