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Concerts of the Festival “Nature of Art” took place in the rose garden of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Concerts of the Festival “Nature of Art” took place in the rose garden of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On May 25 and 26, the third season of the “Nature of Art” Festival, a cultural project of the “Sevastopol Ball,” opened in the new rose garden of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. Among thousands of blooming roses fragrant under the southern sky, three concert performances took place — “Opera and Ballet”, “Modern Classics” and “Rock and Roll, Jazz and Latin”.

The leading theme of the festival program was the leitmotif “Heaven on Earth”. Each of the concerts became the personification of a blooming and fragrant paradise created by people, where beauty, love, friendship and happiness live and triumph.

The festival opened with the classical concert “Opera and Ballet”. His symbolic subject was “Scenes in the Arbor.” In the center of the blooming Garden of Eden there is a magical gazebo, in which various characters found themselves and scenes of brilliant operas, operettas and ballets were played out.

On the same day, May 25, the “Modern Classics” concert took place. The stage, surrounded by roses, the greatest melodies of the world filled the hearts of the guests with inspiration and happiness. The blooming rose garden was immersed in the incredible sound of cellos, piano, violin, trumpet, drums, double bass, accordion and vocals.

On May 26, festival guests were treated to a large-scale modern concert with a rich program – “Rock and Roll, Jazz and Latin”, filled with the bright rhythms of melodies that became hits in these freest genres of music and life.

The compositions that were performed at the Festival on May 25 and 26 became melodies of the Crimean nature and the incredible beauty that surrounded us. Roses are the most lyrical platform, because this flower is associated with love, woman, beauty, — notes the head of the Festival “Nature of Art” Ekaterina Grafodatskaya. We created the “Nature of Art” festival as an ode to Crimea, seeing it as a masterpiece of natural beauty, we wanted to preserve these amazing moments of its natural phenomena in eternity. Today, this stunningly beautiful rose garden of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden has forever entered the history of the cultural and creative life of the country and the world, thanks to the contribution of musicians, artists, all the guests, everyone who created this holiday.

The “Nature of Art” festival, conceived and brought to life by the very talented creative team “Sevastopol Ball”, was held successfully and grandiosely in the pink color of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, — says Svetlana Plugatar, candidate of biological sciences, head of the department of floriculture, dendrology and landscape architecture of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. — And — this is just the beginning! The festival will continue throughout the blooming season in the most beautiful and fragrant locations of our delightful Crimea! How wonderful it is when nature inspires creative people to create beauty! And this festival is proof of that. How much love, talent, and inexhaustible creative energy was invested in its idea and implementation! That is why it lights up hearts, gives inspiration and a delightful aftertaste from the emotions experienced!

The next concerts of the festival will be held in the lavender fields of the village of Aromat, Bakhchisaray district, at the Viva lavanda farm, located in the mountains of the Belbek Valley.

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source: press service of the event agency “Sevastopol Ball”

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