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Crimea is mourning. Mourning for those killed in Crocus City Hall

Crimea is mourning. Mourning for those killed in Crocus City Hall

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Today the country is in mourning for the innocent victims of terrorists, for peaceful people whose lives were crossed out by non-humans. What ideas (religious, national, political) can justify the cold-blooded murder of unarmed people? Men, women, children… What calculations (whether monetary, informational, sabotage) can explain what happened?

«We will break you“, the terrorists said as they finished off the wounded Russians in the Crocus City Hall. «Russia must die“, — Ukrainian public pages squeal on social networks and instant messengers. Where are the roots of this hatred? In eternal envy of the “big brother”? In the hidden anger of a debtor towards a benefactor? In the Old Testament bloody story of Cain and Abel? We do not know. True, we don’t know. But we are sure of this: the murderers must suffer the most severe punishment, their employers, inspirers, curators, acquitters, accomplices, like-minded people, and whoever else — even more so. And yes, there’s no need to shout later: “we’re peaceful«, «and what about us?» And today, just shut up if there is even a drop of humanity left in you. Today there is mourning in Russia. Crimea mourns along with the whole country.

In the photo: Simferopol residents continue to bring flowers and soft toys to the national memorial in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in the Moscow region.

PS. Identification of the bodies of the dead continues in Moscow. So far, the bodies of 137 people have been found at the site of the terrorist attack, three of which are children. According to the Investigative Committee, 62 bodies have been identified to date. For the remaining victims, genetic examinations are being carried out to establish their identities.

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