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Crimean fighters won two medals at the MMA World Championship

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean fighters won two medals at the MMA World Championship, which ended in Abu Dhabi. Crimeans won gold and bronze medals.

Vladislav Sukalenko became the world champion in the category up to 77 kg. As part of the tournament, he spent four fights. In the first two fights, Sukalenko won early victories, successfully performing a choke hold, first in a fight with an athlete from India, and then with a Finn. In the semi-finals, Vladislav was opposed by his partner in the Russian team, Shamkhan Kushagov. This time the outcome was determined by the referee’s decision. The panel of judges recognized the Crimean fighter as the best. In the decisive fight, Sukalenko met with a fighter from Tajikistan, Kosym Sardarov. In the hardest battle, the victory again went to the Russian athlete, who thus became the world champion , the press service of the Crimean Ministry of Sports reported.

Meanwhile, Crimean Alexandra Mitina won the bronze medal. She performed in the weight category up to 56, 7 kg. As part of the tournament, the Crimean woman had three fights. In the first two, she won confident victories. But in the battle for reaching the final, she lost to an athlete from Bahrain, Beatrice Consuli Dinis, who eventually became the world champion. Mitina, on the other hand, entered the fight for third place, in which she won and won a bronze medal.

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