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Crimean pilgrims completed all Hajj rituals

Crimean pilgrims completed all Hajj rituals

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Crimean pilgrims who went to Mecca together with the official Hajj tour operator of the Central Educational Institution of the SAMK “AVN-tour” completed all the Hajj rituals and returned safely to the hotel. Before leaving home, the Hajjis will make a farewell tour of the Kaaba.

The Hajj ritual is considered completed after Muslims, while in the Mina Valley, visit the Jamarat three times — three pillars symbolizing Shaitan, at which stones are thrown. The first group from Saudi Arabia to Moscow, and then to Crimea will leave on June 22, the last group — on June 30. During the Hajj rituals, the AVN-Tour medical center worked around the clock. All Crimean pilgrims are alive and well— reported the press service of the SAMK.


Due to high temperatures in Saudi Arabia, there are casualties and missing people among pilgrims. In 2024, about 2 million Muslim pilgrims from different countries took part in the pilgrimage to Mecca.

source: SUMK press service

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