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Crimean reservoirs are filled on average by 80%

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The reservoirs of Crimea are filled by 80%, which is more than 280 million cubic meters of water. Such data was provided by Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Yury Gotsanyuk. According to him, this volume «more than enough for the full life support of the population and industrial enterprises of the peninsula«.

The information was confirmed and slightly supplemented by Roskomvodkhoz of the Republic of Crimea. There are now about 60.3 million cubic meters in bulk reservoirs, and 221.5 million cubic meters in reservoirs of natural flow. Infographics clarifies positions on major reservoirs.

Crimean reservoirs are filled on average by 80%

Hydrologists agree with these figures, but with a caveat — such a positive «full-flowing» picture happened, including due to heavy rainfall in May. In the river basins of the northern foothills, precipitation ranged from 45 mm to 226 mm, and in the river basins of the South Coast, from 20.9 mm to 80.7 mm. The greatest amount of precipitation fell in the basins of the Salgir, Biyuk-Karasu and in the lower reaches of the Kacha River. In the Crimean mountains, the amount of precipitation was also above the norm — from 144 to 164%.

Due to the fact that the reservoirs located in the channels of the main rivers are filled with water, during the period of significant precipitation, water was discharged during the month, which maintained an increased water content of the Kacha, Biyuk-Karasu, Salgir rivers below the dams of the Zagorskoye, Belogorskoye, Simferopolskoye reservoirs.— specified in the Crimean Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

Just the case when the ability to make stocks for the future has its limit. But this May helped Crimea a lot (with an eye on the events of last night). The inflow of water into reservoirs of natural runoff in May (in millions of cubic meters) was: Belogorskoye — 10.9, Simferopol — 10.4, Schastlivenskoye — 2.8, Chernorechenskoye — 7.9.

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