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Crimean schoolchildren participate in the action «Letter to a Soldier»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A patriotic action «Letter to a Soldier» is taking place in Crimea, within the framework of which schoolchildren write letters with words of support to those who are now participating in a special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

Крымские школьники участвуют в акции «Письмо солдату»

The letters of support were written by the students of the Kolchugino School No. 1 named after Avraamov. We publish them with the permission of the teacher, class teacher of the 6-B class Elena Brizhan.

Крымские школьники участвуют в акции «Письмо солдату»

These envelopes contain sincere drawings, wishes for a speedy victory and return home, words of gratitude and gratitude. For a peaceful sky above the heads of the Crimeans, for life itself.

Крымские школьники участвуют в акции «Письмо солдату»

Recall that the action «Letter to a Soldier» started on March 1 under the patronage of the All-Russian Children’s and Youth Military-Patriotic Public Movement «UNARMIA», the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that Crimean schoolchildren take an active part in it.

Крымские школьники участвуют в акции «Письмо солдату»

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