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Crimean Youth Theater is actively preparing to present the first premiere of the year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the end of March, the Crimean Theater for Young Spectators will present the first premiere of the new year — a performance based on the play by N.P. Abramov «Golden Antelope».

As conceived by director Sergei Novikov, the script will differ from the well-known cartoon of the same name. The play is a play, a fairy tale is born before the eyes of the viewer. It is told by Indian merchants who turn into the heroes of the Golden Antelope. For such a metamorphosis, they use improvised materials, those that they have on a makeshift counter. It would seem that the usual things of merchants: trays, fabrics, pots, ropes will miraculously transform into the sun, the seething water of the Ganges, predatory animals and other inhabitants of the jungle. Literally every object on the stage will become a full-fledged participant in the performance along with the actors. Thus, the director decided to remind the audience: it is not necessary to have expensive toys or computer technology to tell an interesting story. The performance is aimed at developing the imagination of a young spectator , — the press service of the theater notes.

Costumes and scenography were discussed at the Crimean Youth Theater the day before. At the technical council, the chief artist of the theater, Sergei Dulesov, said that saffron canvases, on which it is planned to launch a projection, will complement the fabulous atmosphere. The image of the performance is a business board, a cube in which various things of merchants will be stored, turning into a fairy-tale world in their hands. The action will be accompanied by amazing, atmospheric sounds of authentic musical instruments: Indian drums, rain flute, glucophone and didgeridoo.

Крымский ТЮЗ активно готовится представить первую премьеру года 311712

The premiere will take place on the eve of World Theater Day.

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