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Crimeans named the rating of the most boring and interesting professions

Crimeans named the rating of the most boring and interesting professions

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Rating of the most boring professions: security guards and accountants are in the top. The most interesting jobs are for engineers and doctors. In an open service survey SuperJob Representatives of the economically active population from Crimea took part.

In first place on the list of the most boring is the profession of a security guard, named by 12% of Crimeans. In second place are accountants with 11% of the votes. Any office work is considered dull and depressing by 10% of respondents. Every twentieth person is sure that salespeople are the most bored at work. 6% consider the most joyless profession of a watchman, 4% — a watchman; these types of work are related to security activities, the leader in the boring rating. Another 3% of respondents are sure that the work of archivists and librarians is dull,” noted the service’s press service.

Any job is boring if it is not loved, say 8%. In contrast, every ninth person assures that there can be no boring professions.

In the ranking of the most interesting types of activities, first place was shared by engineers and doctors (13% of votes each). Moreover, among engineers, construction specialties were more often mentioned, and doctors — surgery. 10% of city residents each consider the most interesting professions to be designer, travel blogger, astronaut and scientist. 9% each are teachers and programmers. 5% each named the professions of driver, tourism manager, actor and lawyer as exciting for the opportunity to visit many places. The opinion that any creative profession is interesting is shared by 4%, and any job to their liking is shared by another 6%.

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Men and women often evaluate professions differently. Thus, representatives of the stronger sex more often called security work and any office work boring, and women — the professions of accountant and archivist. Men are more likely to be confident in the fascination of engineering and astronautics, while women are more likely to be interested in medicine and research work.

Dates: May 14-28, 2024

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