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Demand for short-term rental of country housing in the Republic of Crimea decreased by 35% over the year

Demand for short-term rental of country housing in the Republic of Crimea decreased by 35% over the year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the summer of 2023, the interest of travelers increased most in the daily rental of country real estate in the Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions, as well as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The most popular destinations for country holidays last season were the Krasnodar Territory, Dagestan and the Moscow Region.

Analysts at Avito Real Estate summed up the results of the summer of 2023 in the short-term rental housing market. The leadership in the supply structure of suburban properties was strengthened by houses — their share in Russia as a whole increased to 73% (+3% by the summer of 2022). Cottages occupy 20% of the market (-2% per year), dachas — 6% (-2% per year), townhouses — 3% (the share has not changed). Compared to last summer, supply increased by almost a quarter, and growth was shown in all segments of daily rentals of country housing, except for dachas. This is the most budget segment. The distribution of demand by format generally corresponded to supply— the service specialists voice the results of the study.

As for daily apartment rentals, the supply on the platform increased by 24% over the year. Most of all on Avito Real Estate there are one-room apartments (47%, -3% per year), a little less common are two-room apartments (28%, the share has not changed) and studios (22%, +4% per year). The share of three-room apartments was 6%, properties with four rooms or more — 1%.

Average prices for short-term rentals of both country housing and apartments have increased by a quarter over the year. Renting a dacha became more expensive by 17% (increase from 3 to 3.5 thousand rubles per night), a house — by 14% (from 3.5 to 4 thousand rubles per day), prices for renting cottages and townhouses did not change over the year and amounted to 8 and 4 thousand rubles per day, respectively.

In the segment of daily rental apartments, the most significant increases in price were for properties with four rooms or more (+20%, from 5 to 6 thousand rubles), three-room apartments (+17%, from 3 to 3.5 thousand rubles) and studios (+15%, from 2 to 2.3 thousand rubles). Rental prices for two-room apartments increased by 12% (from 2.5 to 2.8 thousand rubles), and one-room apartments increased by 11% (from 1.8 to 2 thousand rubles). The latter still remain the most profitable option for short-term rentals, even compared to compact studios.

The volume of supply of suburban housing available for daily rent increased over the year in 32 out of 33 regions that participated in the Avito Real Estate study. The largest increase was in Dagestan and the Kirov region (+58% each), the Voronezh region and Perm region (+44% each), as well as in the Kaluga region (+43%). Over the year, supply decreased only in Crimea (-12%). Nevertheless, the peninsula, together with the Krasnodar Territory and Dagestan, continues to be among the top 3 regions in terms of the number of country houses available for booking per day.

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The growth in demand for suburban housing in Russia has outpaced the dynamics of supply. In the summer of 2023, travelers within the country were interested in the daily rental of houses, dachas, cottages and townhouses on Avito Real Estate 44% more often than a year earlier. Demand in the Sverdlovsk region has more than doubled, in the Kirov region — by 84%, in the Krasnoyarsk region — by 76%, in the Stavropol region — by 70%, in the Nizhny Novgorod region — by 66%. Growth was shown by 32 of the 33 regions participating in the platform study, including both capitals. Interest in daily rental of suburban housing in the Moscow and Leningrad regions has increased 1.5 times. The most popular regions for travelers in the summer of 2023 were the Krasnodar Territory, Dagestan and the Moscow Region.

Prices for daily rental of country housing increased in 14 of the 33 regions that participated in the Avito Real Estate study, did not change in 15, and decreased in 4. Rent fell in price in the Moscow region (-15% by summer 2022), Kirov region (-14%), Perm region (-8%) and Krasnoyarsk region (-6%).

The cheapest places to rent countryside housing for a short period of time in the summer were in the Crimea, Stavropol and Altai territories, Rostov and Voronezh regions — in each of these regions the average rental cost per day was 3 thousand rubles. The most expensive places to rent a dacha, house, cottage or townhouse were in the Novosibirsk region (11 thousand rubles per day), the Moscow region (8.5 thousand rubles) and the Krasnoyarsk Territory (8 thousand rubles).

The growth in demand on the platform in the segment of short-term rental of country housing is outpacing the dynamics of supply, which, together with the popularization of domestic tourism, inevitably leads to an increase in prices for a number of objects and destinations. However, in most regions over the year, the average cost of daily rental of suburban housing has not changed or even become less than in the summer of 2022. This made it possible to maintain the availability of this format and, in some cases, even compete in price with apartments. One house can comfortably accommodate a large family or a group of friends and split the cost of rent. In the case of small apartments or hotel rooms, they would have to rent several properties at once, which would be more expensivesays Artyom Kromochkin, head of short-term rentals at Avito Real Estate.

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