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Dental veneers: aesthetics and functionality in dentistry

Dental veneers: aesthetics and functionality in dentistry

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In their quest for a perfect smile, people are turning to the latest advances in dentistry, and one of these innovative solutions is dental veneers. These are thin overlaysmade from ceramics or composite materials, are designed to correct the appearance of teeth, hiding various defects.

Veneers are thin plates that are placed on the front part of the tooth and securely fixed. They eliminate minor surface defects in the form of chips and cracks, imitate the natural color of enamel and strengthen the damaged base.

Veneers were originally developed to temporarily modify the teeth of Hollywood actors on film sets. However, over time, manufacturing technologies have improved and veneers now serve as a long-term solution.

The use of dental veneers may be due to the desire to hide some imperfections — for example, discoloration of teeth, interdental spaces (diastemas and cracks), uneven size or shape. They are also effective in treating partial tooth decay or as a protective barrier for the enamel from further damage.

Process installation of veneers begins with a preliminary consultation with a specialist who assesses the general condition of the oral cavity and determines the possibility of using this method. This is followed by preparation of the teeth by minimal removal of enamel for better fixation of the onlays. An impression is then made, based on which individual dental onlays are made in the dental laboratory. At the final stage, the veneers are fixed to the patient’s teeth using special cements.

It is important to note not only the aesthetic function of veneers, but also their ability to increase the functionality of the masticatory organs by strengthening the structure of the teeth. With proper care, the service life of ceramic veneers can reach 10-15 years.

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However, it is worth considering that the use of this technique has its limitations and contraindications, such as bruxism (teeth grinding) or the presence of a significant number of large fillings in the front teeth. In addition, the procedure is irreversible — after removing part of the enamel, you will need to constantly wear pads to protect the treated surface.

Choosing a dental clinic and an experienced professional plays a key role in the success of your dental veneer procedure. Careful diagnostics and an individual approach ensure high aesthetic results and preservation of the functions of each patient’s dental system.

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