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Disability pensions are automatically installed for 838 residents of Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The branch of the Social Fund of Russia in Sevastopol last year appointed 838 insurance and social disability pensions to Sevastopol residents who were not previously pensioners. All payments were made without filing an application — based on information from the Federal Register of Disabled Persons.

The decision to grant a pension in an unclaimed format is made by the Social Fund according to the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU). Information about the established disability is sent by the ITU bodies to the register of disabled people, after which the Social Fund draws up a pension within 5 working days. At the same time, a citizen is sent a notification of the appointed payment to his personal account on the public services portal or by mail.

The delivery of the pension takes place in the same way as the payments previously assigned by the Social Fund. If there have been no payments through the Fund before, the citizen must choose the method of receiving a pension — at the post office or at the bank. You can apply for a method of receiving a pension through your personal account on the public services portal, or in the client service of the Social Fund, or at the MFC in person or through a legal representative.

A disability pension can be assigned to those who were not pensioners before the disability was established. If a disability is issued to a citizen receiving a pension, in addition to the previously assigned pension, a monthly cash payment is automatically established.

In addition to assigning a disability pension, the Social Fund proactively recalculates payments to citizens with disabilities and establishes social benefits for them. For example, a monthly cash payment and a set of social services, which includes medicines and medical devices, a ticket to a sanatorium, as well as free travel to and from the place of treatment.

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source: press service of the Sevastopol Branch of the Social Fund of Russia

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