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— Discharge! How the Kerch Ambulance Team Saved the Life of an Elderly Patient

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A case from practice: ambulance meliui underwent cardioversion.

On February 20, at 21:34, a 71-year-old man was called to the operational dispatch department of the Kerch ambulance station with the reason “chest pain”. An ambulance brigade of substation No. 12 was sent to the call, consisting of doctor Tatyana Dobrodomova, paramedic Artur Kostenko and driver Sergei Shut.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, the elderly man was in critical condition. According to his wife, the patient suffers from an oncological disease, he practically did not get out of bed for a week. A few hours ago, he complained of pain in his chest, became very weak and stopped responding to addressed speech. Relatives called an ambulance.

Doctors literally in the first minutes determined what happened to the patient: a serious condition is associated with the development of a paroxysm of supraventricular tachycardia with a heart rate of 260 beats per minute, complicated by the development of arrhythmogenic shock. Saturation and blood pressure were critically low. Due to unstable hemodynamics, drug relief of the arrhythmia was impossible, and cardioversion was the only safe method of treatment. The patient was put into drug-induced sleep, and from the very first discharge with an energy of 100 J, it was possible to restore the normal heart rhythm— told in the Crimean Republican Center for Disaster Medicine.

The end of the story is almost happy. Having stabilized the condition of the elderly man, the ambulance team transported him to the hospital. Now he is undergoing treatment.

- Discharge! How the Kerch Ambulance Team Saved the Life of an Elderly Patient

Photo: Crimean Republican Center for Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medicine

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