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Educational program: what preferential programs — mortgages with state support — are valid in 2024

Educational program: what preferential programs — mortgages with state support — are valid in 2024

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Market mortgage rates, notes Russian newspaper, are off the charts. But you can still take out a home loan at low, preferential rates. And this is not only the popular preferential mortgage for new buildings, which appeared in the spring of 2020, but also a number of other programs.

What is a preferential mortgage

A mortgage is a loan secured by real estate (and, as a rule, for the purchase of real estate). The state, based on its own state interests, subsidizes some housing loans. That is, part of the interest is paid to banks not by the borrower-citizen, but by the state. As a result, an ordinary home buyer can take out a loan not at 16-20% (as now under market conditions, without subsidies), and sometimes even at less than 1%.

Preferential mortgages are aimed at:

— assistance to certain categories of borrowers (for example, families with children),

— support for particularly important industries. Then preferential loans are issued, for example, to IT specialists or employees of defense enterprises, or even to anyone who wishes to support the developers themselves.

— stimulation of residence in certain locations (such as “Far Eastern” or “Rural” mortgages).

Some programs combine several conditions — they are valid both in a certain territory and for certain categories of borrowers.

Let’s figure out what preferential mortgage programs are in effect in 2024 and what their features are.

General conditions for preferential mortgages

1. According to almost all programs, the first mortgage payment is no less than 20% of the cost of the apartment or house. The exception was the preferential mortgage for new buildings (it is often called a “mortgage with state support”) — here the contribution was recently raised to 30%.

2. Using preferential programs, you can buy a new apartment or a new house (or build a house)

3. Sometimes, under certain conditions, you can buy housing on the secondary market.

4. In 2023, a new restriction was introduced — you can only take out a preferential mortgage once. If someone received, for example, an IT mortgage, then he will no longer be able to apply for another loan under the “Rural” mortgage.

An exception was made only for the “Family Mortgage” (more on that below).

Features of the programs

Preferential mortgage for new buildings

The most popular program in recent years. It started during the pandemic to support developers and was later extended several times with minor adjustments to the conditions.

For whom:

Anyone can get a loan. There are no restrictions on age, profession, or geography.

Family mortgage

Family mortgage is one of the most popular preferential programs, which the authorities view most favorably.

For whom:

for families who have:
— one child born in 2018-2023
— two or more minor children
— a disabled child born before the end of 2023

Important! “Family mortgage”, unlike other preferential programs, can now be taken out several times. But — under certain conditions:

— the previous loan must be repaid in full;
— another child appeared in the family
— the apartment or house being purchased is more spacious than the previous ones

IT mortgage

It was launched to encourage programmers who are desperately needed now.

For whom:

for IT people.

Important! The borrower must work for a company that:

— relates to the field of information technology,
— located in Russia
— has accreditation with the Ministry of Digital Development.

Not everyone knows that IT mortgages are available not only to employees involved directly in programming, but also to managers, marketers, accountants and all employees of IT companies without exception. However, many may not even know that their company is registered in this status. For example, this may be a marketplace, which the vast majority perceives as a representative of the trade sector, but according to OKVED it may relate to the information technology sector, so this preferential mortgage program is available to its employeessays Yulia Pozachenyuk, head of the mortgage lending department at TSN Real Estate.

The program can be combined with market programs (part of the loan within the maximum allowed amount is paid at a preferential rate, and what is in excess of this amount is paid at a market rate).

Special conditions:

For borrowers from 36 to 50 years inclusive, a financial qualification has been established.

You can get a loan if your salary before taxes for at least the last three months was:

— in Moscow no less than 150 thousand rubles.
— in another million-plus city no less than 120 thousand rubles.
— in other cities from 70 thousand rubles.

There are no salary requirements for IT specialists under 35 years of age. But this does not mean that the bank will not evaluate the financial ability of the future borrower to repay the loan.

Rural mortgage

With the help of a rural mortgage, you can acquire housing exclusively in rural areas of various regions of Russia, explains Ekaterina Nikitina, head of the PRO OBMEN real estate agency and vice-president of the Moscow Guild of Realtors. However, the program does not apply to rural areas of Moscow (which, in principle, are in New Moscow), the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, as well as regional capitals.

What you can spend it on:

Buy housing in the village. You can buy an apartment (not a house) only in a supporting settlement (their list is established by the regional authorities).

In terms of conditions, rural mortgage is one of the most specific loan programs with government subsidies, says Nikitina:

— firstly, the Ministry of Agriculture distributes funds for its implementation. In 2023, only 20 billion rubles were allocated to all regions, which ran out by the summer.

— secondly, you can purchase something using a rural mortgage in a very limited number of locations. Only certain cities and small rural settlements, usually home to no more than 30 thousand people, are covered by the program. Thirdly, rural mortgage is not a very common product, so it is not so easy to use. A small number of banks participate in the program.

Important! If you take out this mortgage to build a house, you must take into account that it should only be carried out by a special construction company accredited by a specific bank. That is, the list of such contractors is very limited.

In addition, we must not forget, Nikitina notes, that the purpose of rural mortgages is, after all, the settlement of certain settlements; it is designed to attract residents there. Therefore, as soon as the construction of a house is completed, the borrower must register in it within 180 days, and then confirm his registration once every six months as the mortgage is paid off (however, a similar condition exists in other programs tied to certain regions).

«Far Eastern» and «Arctic» mortgages

Their conditions are similar. There are programs of the Far Eastern and Arctic mortgages, respectively, for the purchase of housing in the Far East and the Arctic.

For whom:

— young families no older than 35 years (this can be either a husband and wife, even without children, or a single mother or father with a child under 18 years old)

— employees of enterprises of the military-industrial complex, experienced teachers and doctors, participants in the Far Eastern Hectare program and a number of other categories.

Residents of any region can take advantage of the programs, but the housing purchased must be in the Far East or the Arctic. In addition, after purchase you need to register at a new address and live there for at least 5 years.

Important! According to the “Arctic” mortgage, the cost per square meter of purchased housing should not exceed the average cost per square meter in the region. This greatly limits the borrower’s choice. But in the coming months, this restriction is expected to be lifted or softened.

Preferential mortgage for secondary housing

Sometimes with a soft loan you can buy not a new home, but a secondary one. But this is rather an exception to the rule.

Funds for preferential programs are distributed among banks. Banks periodically “exhaust” the limit. Issues may resume after the allocation of additional funds from the state budget.

source: Russian newspaper

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