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Educational program: what will change in legislation in June

Educational program: what will change in legislation in June

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Talks about important legislative changes CYANOGEN: there is a month left before the closure of the preferential program for new buildings, large families will continue to receive 450 thousand rubles to pay off their mortgage, and tourist trips will become safer.

The main event of June is the expiration of the massive preferential mortgage

Those who want to buy an apartment in a new building at 8% per annum have only one month left. June 30 is the last day of the massive preferential mortgage for new buildings at 8% per annum. A number of more preferential programs will end in June. The authorities have not yet decided on the fate of preferential mortgages. This issue is important for both home buyers and developers.

It is expected that from July the preferential programs will become more targeted. It is highly likely that the popular mass program will be curtailed. There is a consensus in the government on this issue, the Ministry of Finance said earlier.

Other benefit programs will be seriously reformatted. The extension of the family mortgage has already been confirmed by a number of departments. This program will continue to operate, but its terms will change.

The rules for issuing a certificate for maternal capital have changed

On May 13, an order of the Ministry of Labor came into force, tightening the requirements for candidates to receive subsidies. People whose child was born in another country, after which they received a Russian passport and came to Russia, will not be able to apply for maternity capital. Let us remind you that in 2024 the amount of the subsidy for the first-born is 631 thousand rubles. The amount of the subsidy for the second child is 834 thousand rubles.

Large families will continue to receive mortgage payments

At the end of May, it was decided to extend mortgage payments for large families for 7 years, until December 31, 2030. The State Duma adopted the law in the second and third readings.

The payment amount was kept at the same level — 450 thousand rubles. It can be used to fully or partially repay mortgage debt.

Several amendments have been made to the law. Families will not be able to use the subsidy to purchase premises that are unfit for habitation. Funds cannot be used to purchase a land plot if the house built on it is not registered.

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Hiking trips will become safer

From June 1, the law regulating the work of tourist guides will come into force. They will be required to undergo certification. This can be done in one of the sports federations or in organizations approved by the government. Without certification, it will be prohibited to lead tourist groups on hikes. In addition, guides will be required to undergo retraining and recertification and report to the Ministry of Emergency Situations about the start of the route and return.

Restaurants and cafes will be able to sell alcohol on their summer verandas

Now establishments are prohibited from selling alcohol on summer verandas and terraces. For this violation, entrepreneurs face a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles. Some regions have their own rules: for example, in Moscow they allowed the sale of light alcohol at seasonal venues.

Amendments to federal legislation will come into effect in June. Catering establishments with a license to sell alcohol will be allowed to sell such drinks on seasonal sites adjacent to the establishment.

The tax on the sale of real estate for some owners may be increased

The Ministry of Finance has prepared a package of bills to improve the tax system. The amendments are now being considered by the government.

The department proposes to maintain the tax on the sale of real estate at 13% if the income from the sale does not exceed 2.4 million rubles. If income exceeds this amount, the tax rate will increase to 15%. The tax rate of 15% will be the maximum, with no further progression. The benefit will be retained if the minimum period of property ownership is met.

In addition, the personal income tax scale will become five-level:

  • for incomes up to 200 thousand rubles per month, the tax rate will be 13%;
  • 200–416.7 thousand rubles per month — 15%;
  • 416.7 thousand — 1.67 million rubles per month — 18%;
  • 1.67–4.17 million rubles per month — 20%;
  • more than 4.17 million rubles per month — 22%.

Increased rates will only apply to the excess amount.

source: CYANOGEN

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