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Every second inhabitant of the peninsula respects his boss

Every second inhabitant of the peninsula respects his boss

CrimeaPRESS reports:

High paying job search service SuperJob learned how the inhabitants of the Crimea relate to their immediate superiors. The survey was attended by economically active citizens with permanent jobs and management.

49% of working residents of Crimea respect their immediate supervisor, and women experience this feeling more often than men (54 and 43%, respectively). Representatives of the stronger sex more often than women spoke about indifference towards the authorities (34 and 24%). In total, 29% of the townspeople spoke about indifference.

Sympathy for the boss is experienced by 6% of respondents. 4% of respondents said that they hate management. Only 1% of citizens feel love for their immediate supervisor.

Time: August 15 — September 4, 2023

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