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Every seventh Crimean is sorry to part with old unnecessary things

Every seventh Crimean is sorry to part with old unnecessary things

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It is most difficult for Crimeans to part with old clothes, books and household appliances. SuperJob, a high-paying job search service, found out that urban residents are especially sorry to throw away unnecessary things. Economically active citizens took part in the open survey.

Every fifth respondent finds it difficult to part with old clothes and shoes (20%). 11% feel sorry for throwing away books, magazines and newspapers. 7% of respondents cannot say goodbye to old household appliances and electronics. 6% do not dare to throw away objects and things that embody memories. 5% is a pity to send toys to the scrap. 4% of Crimeans cannot part with old furniture, and the same number — with children’s things. 1% of the road old accessories, bijouterie, jewelry and watches— noted in the press service of the service.

Among other things that the townspeople cannot part with are musical instruments, documents, work tools, spare parts, cosmetics, dishes, letters, postcards, school diaries, and so on.

19% of respondents get rid of old and unnecessary things without regret. 14%, on the contrary, cannot bring themselves to throw away anything.

Time: August 15-18, 2023

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