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Every third man from Crimea is against the shortened Friday only for women

Every third man from Crimea is against the shortened Friday only for women

CrimeaPRESS reports:

“Why only for women, if shortened, then for everyone!” — every third man is against women’s working Friday being shortened by 2 hours. Service SuperJob conducted a survey among representatives of the economically active population from Crimea.

78% of Crimean women and only 44% of men support the initiative of State Duma Deputy Chairman Boris Chernyshov, who proposed shortening the Friday working day by two hours for women, subject to maintaining the average wage. Against — 5 and 35%, respectively. Moreover, men under 34 years of age (49%) are most dissatisfied.

The idea is most actively supported by respondents aged 35-44 years: 83% among women and 56% among men. The main argument is obvious: “Women are fragile, they need to work less and rest more. Besides, they are wives and mothers, they need to maintain more strength.” But there were other comments from male respondents: “With rare exceptions, female office workers are not doing business at the end of working Friday.”

Dates: May 24-27, 2024

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