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Everyday life and training «CRIMEA-SPAS»: emergency situations — conditional, training — real

Everyday life and training «CRIMEA-SPAS»: emergency situations — conditional, training — real

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Employees of the Black Sea rescue team «CRIMEA-SPAS» practiced their skills in eliminating the consequences of man-made emergencies. The training took place in the village. Novoselskoye, Chernomorsky district, on the basis of a non-operating plant.

11 rescuers worked in two groups. Each of them had its own task. According to the legend of the training session, an explosion occurred in the building, followed by the collapse of the building’s structures. There are conditional victims under the rubble and in the failure.

Everyday life and training

Rescuers of the 1st group, having assessed the situation, began work. Using a hydraulic rescue tool, they cleared the rubble and evacuated the supposed victim to a safe place. The 2nd group of rescuers practiced actions to extract the “victim” from the hole using a tripod— said the emergency department.

All goals of the training session were achieved; the training showed the coherence and professionalism of the Crimean rescuers.

Everyday life and training


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