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«Evpatoria» from Crimea helps save lives on the front line

«Evpatoria» from Crimea helps save lives on the front line

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A Crimean woman with the call sign “Evpatoria” volunteered for the Northern Military District and is helping to save the lives of children as an orderly in a medical hospital. Today, residents of Crimea are collecting humanitarian aid to congratulate her in Donbass as part of the project “People’s Front. Everything for victory!

“Evpatoria” replaced a well-deserved retirement in a newly built house and gatherings with her little grandson with round-the-clock rescue of fighters in the hottest positions in the Donbass. The military registration and enlistment office did not allow the woman to go to the front, but she herself packed her bags, took medical aid courses, went to Donbass and became a nurse in a medical unit. All this after a fateful dream in which the already deceased grandmother sang “Cranes” as in childhood.

Once a month I go to the medical hospital for verification. I meet the guys we saved. We always try to talk, treat them, and support them. When the guys are already recovering in hospitals, they see me, they immediately smile, run and say from the heart: “Oh, Evpatoria!says the Crimean woman.

The most terrible moments are injuries after attacks by kamikaze drones from the enemy. But even in such cases, they do everything to save the guys. Today, the Popular Front is collecting the necessary humanitarian aid to protect doctors and help the wounded children in her unit.

source: press service of the Popular Front in Crimea

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